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Ahsoka accomplished one “important” thing for Dave Filoni in Star Wars

Dave Filoni isn't sure if we'll get Ahsoka season 2, but he's happy about one thing the first season of the Star Wars series managed to do.

Ahsoka Tano over Dathomir

Ahsoka was a major moment for Star Wars. One of the most beloved characters in the franchise finally got her own project, we saw the live-action debut of Grand Admiral Thrawn, and, crucially, Ezra Bridger returned to the regular Star Wars galaxy. Surprisingly, the latter might be what justified the whole production for Dave Filoni.

A longtime creative within Star Wars, Filoni has been a proponent of Ahsoka Tano from the moment she debuted in The Clone Wars. One of the best Star Wars characters, she made a great foil for Anakin Skywalker as his padawan in the animated series, then went her own way after becoming disillusioned by the Jedi.

It seemed inevitable she would headline her own Star Wars series or new movie someday, and that day came in her namesake Disney Plus show. She joined Sabine Wren in rescuing Ezra, who’d become stuck in another galaxy with Thrawn. They were successful in saving their friend, but got left behind afterward. Filoni isn’t sure if Ahsoka season 2 will happen, but he’s glad Ezra has officially re-joined humanity, in a manner of speaking.

“I’ve set up several threads that can continue, but if not, I feel like, well, at least I got Ezra home, and that was really important,” Filoni explains to Entertainment Weekly. “But there’s always a plan. I hope one day we’ll see it. It could be very cool, but it took a while to get [Ahsoka] done, so you never know.”

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In the world of streaming, nothing is assured. Yes, Ahsoka is a sci-fi series based in one of the biggest franchises, but Disney and Lucasfilm’s plans are constantly evolving when it comes to Star Wars. You need only consult our new Star Wars movies guide from one month to the next to see how many productions have uncertain futures.

Ahsoka ended on a cliffhanger, with Thrawn reaching Dathomir, and Ahsoka and Sabine stranded on Peridea with Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati, so I don’t think that’ll be left unanswered. What form that follow up takes is another question. I believe the odds of Ahsoka getting her own Star Wars film or Disney Plus special are pretty good, all told.

She’s super popular, the supporting cast are liked, and there’s a continued push towards experimentation on Disney Plus. The MCU has had two specials now – Werewolf By Night and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special – so Lucasfilm could do similar. Filoni obviously has plenty of ideas, and now that he’s the chief creative officer, he has more freedom to tell the story he’d like how he’d like to tell it.

Only time will tell. Keep our guides to the Skeleton Crew release date and the The Acolyte release date handy to make sure you’re well versed in the Force, alongside our look at the Star Wars movies in order. Or, if you’ve had enough of all this malarkey, we have a guide to Avatar 3.