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Star Trek just made history with a musical episode, and we’re all in

Star Trek is getting a musical episode on Paramount Plus thanks to Strange New Worlds season 2, and we just can't wait to see the singing sci-fi adventure.

Anson Mount in Star Trek Musical episode

Throughout Star Trek‘s long history we’ve seen horror, action, romance, fantasy, and so much more. With its science fiction lens, Star Trek has embraced pretty much every genre under stars, except the best musicals.

Now, following on from the new Strange New Worlds crossover episode with Lower Decks, that’s all about to change. As announced at San Diego Comic Con, where The Digital Fix is in attendance, the Star Trek series‘ penultimate season 2 episode will be all-out musical bonanza, seeing the crew of the USS Enterprise sing and dance their way across the corridors of the ship.

The Strange New Worlds season 2 cast members have been hinting at some big swings toward the end of the season, and a Star Trek musical episode (which will feature a soundtrack of ten original songs created by Kay Hanley and Tom Polce of Letters to Cleo) certainly makes good on that promise. Titled ‘Subspace Rhapsody’ the episode will be another to feature Paul Wesley’s Jim Kirk, who has been one of the recurring Star Trek characters throughout Strange New Worlds season 2, following on from his introduction in the season 1 finale.

Airing on Thursday August 3, 2023, Subspace Rhapsondy comes after the equally ambitious Lower Decks crossover episode which saw Ensign Boimler and Ensign Mariner swap the USS Cerritos for the Enterprise and make their live-action debut.

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From the short teaser clip, it appears that the USS Enterprise is hit by some spatial anomaly (what’s new?) which causes its crew to break out into song and dance. The clip also shows that Kirk and La’an’s romance (which began in the time-travel episode Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow) will get more time devoted to it, though it’s not a relationship that’s destined to last.

Other than that, the teaser keeps things vague while only giving a snippet of an admittedly very catchy tune and showcasing some fun, high-energy choreography.

Especially after the brilliant Lower Decks crossover, we just can’t wait to see what’s in store. We’re all in.

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