Squid Game season 2 release date, trailer, cast, and everything else we know

Squid Games season 2 release date

When does Squid Game season 2 come out? As the latest smash hit Netflix TV series, Squid Game is taking the world by storm. In the sci-fi series, hundreds of people are placed into a battle for survival to earn enough money to clear their debts.

Everyone being desperate, things get ruthless, and relationships become complicated as teaming up helps everyone’s odds, but means less money overall. Though it’s dark and heavy, Hwang Dong-hyuk’s show is also bright and colourful, giving us a full view of every drop of blood, dead body, and look of incredible terror on people’s faces.

Now that the first season of the South Korean production is on Netflix, are there plans for a second? Both the platform and the creator are game, and given Squid Game is on track to become Netflix’s most popular show ever, we can safely say the audience is ready too. But, what do we know, and when can we expect to hear something? Thankfully, you don’t have to challenge anyone to some life-or-death scenario to find out, because we have everything worth knowing right here.

Squid Games season 2 release date: when is Squid Game season 2 out?

To be blunt: we don’t know, but a second season has of the TV series has been all but confirmed. Netflix says right now the biggest hurdle is just finding time that suits all parties to figure it out. “[Hwang] has a film and other things he’s working on,” Bela Bajaria, head of global TV at Netflix, told Vulture. “We’re trying to figure out the right structure for him.”

Hwang has ideas, too, but Squid Game isn’t his only commitment as a filmmaker. It sounds like everyone is keen for this to happen sooner rather than later, so watch this space for more when we have it.

Squid Game season 2 plot: what will Squid Game season 2 be about?

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Hwang, who wrote and directed every episode, has some ideas of what he’d like to explore in the followup season. Speaking to The Times, he wants to look at the police more and perhaps dig into the mysterious Front Man.

“If I do get to do [another season],” Hwang says. “One [idea] would be the story of the Front Man.” One of the central villains of the first season, the Front Man leaves more than a few unanswered questions by the end – rest assured, we won’t spoil any here, but there’s definitely something to placing a narrative arc around him.

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Systemic corruption and lackadaisical policing is a recurring theme that Hwang’s keen to double down on. “I see it on the global news that the police force can be very late on acting on things – there are more victims or a situation gets worse because of them not acting fast enough,” he says. “This was an issue that I wanted to raise. Maybe in season 2 I can talk about this more.”

Squid Games season 2 cast: who will be in Squid Game season 2?

Squid Game season 2 release date

Right now, we don’t know who could come back for another season. If the Front Man is a central character, expect Lee Byung-hun to play him again. Other than that, we might see appearances from Lee Jung-jae or Park Hae-soo as Seong Gi-hun or Cho Sang-woo, or any of the other main cast in some shape or form, but that’s all speculation for now. Stay tuned.

Where can I watch Squid Game season 2?

Squid Game is available exclusively on Netflix. You can watch all nine episodes of the first season right now, and whenever season 2 comes out, you’ll have every episode there on your finger-tips as well. Much easier than trying to win some desperate battle royale!

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Updated: Oct 05, 2021

Squid Game
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