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This Spider-Verse character was created by a 2000s rock music legend

Spider-Man fans can feast their eyes on so many exciting Spider-Verse characters in the new movies, but one of them has a surprising rock music connection.

The roster of Spider-Verse characters keeps getting bigger

When considering your favorite Spider-Verse characters, you are absolutely spoiled for choice. The most devoted Spider-Man fans can pick from dozens of the best Spider-Man actors in the new movies, once they’ve recovered from the chaos of Across the Spider-Verse.

But what you may not know is that one of the most intriguing Spider-Verse characters has an even more fascinating origin story than the others. They were created by a rock star, literally.

Peni Parker, who debuted on the big screen in Into the Spider-Verse as a Spidey variant inspired by the best anime series, was originally created by Gerard Way. That’s right; the frontman of 2000s emo rock act My Chemical Romance.

Peni, along with her robot companion SP//dr, arrived in print for the first time in 2014 comic Edge of Spider-Verse #5, penned by Way with the help of artist Jake Wyatt. She’s a teenage high-schooler who pilots a powerful mech suit built by her late father.

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Way told Rolling Stone he relished the opportunity to create a new Spidey from scratch. He said: “If I had to go write somebody’s character [in keeping] with years of continuity, I don’t think I would fare so well. But starting from scratch and making something new and wild out of a concept — I have a lot of fun doing that.”

Based on Peni’s appearance in Into the Spider-Verse, she’s a really enjoyable and innovative creation. Though she didn’t get a lot of screen time in Across the Spider-Verse, we hope to see a lot more of her when the Spider-Verse 3 release date comes along.

It turns out we have more to thank Gerard Way for than just Welcome to the Black Parade.

Peni Parker in Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

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