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Is Miguel O’Hara really a vampire in Across the Spider-Verse?

It may seem strange to wonder if Miguel O'Hara is a vampire but Spider-Verse 2 definitely implies Spider-Man 2099 is a blood-sucker like Morbius.

Christopher Lee and Miguel O'Hara but which is the vampire?

Is Miguel O’Hara really a vampire in Across the Spider-Verse? We’ve made no secret of the fact that we’re huge fans of Spider-Man and the Spider-Verse movies, and one of our favorite things about these films is the myriad of unforgettable new characters they introduce.

Characters like Miguel O’Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099, who serves as one of Spider-Verse 2’s main antagonists. We loved Miguel (Oscar Isaac) and his ever-so-slightly fanatical quest to protect the multiverse (read our full Across the Spider-Verse review for more on that). Still, we did have one question after watching the animated movie.

Is Miguel O’Hara really a vampire in Spider-Verse 2? That sounds like a strange thing to ask, but if you’ve seen the other Spider-Man movies, you’ll know that’s actually a pretty reasonable thing to wonder. Anyway, let’s sink our teeth into this particular issue.

Is Miguel O’Hara really a vampire in Across the Spider-Verse?

In Across the Spider-Verse, Miguel is referred to as being a “vampire” at least once, but if he’s anything like his comic book counterpart, then, no, he isn’t really a creature of the night. 

So how do we explain the claws and fangs? Well, it all comes down to how Miguel got his spider powers. You see, the Spider-Man of 2099 didn’t get his powers the traditional way. Instead of being bitten by a radioactive spider, he deliberately spliced his genetic code with a spider’s.

This gave him similar powers to Peter Parker, but some key differences exist. The most notable is that Miguel grew claws, which he uses to wallcrawl, and fangs. His sharp teeth are for drinking blood, though they contain a potent paralyzing toxin similar to a spider’s venom, allowing him to subdue his enemies quickly.

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Here’s a list of all of Miguel O’Hara’s powers:

  • The proportionate strength, speed, and agility of a spider.
  • Increased healing
  • Organic webbing
  • Wallcrawling talons
  • Venomous fangs
  • Enhanced hearing and vision
  • Miguel (in the comics, at least) lacks Spider-Sense

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