Creed 3 release date, cast, story, trailer, and more

Michael B Jordan is back in the Rocky Balboa spin-off threequel, and this time he's directing, but what is the Creed 3 release date

Creed 3 release date: Michael B Jordan as Adonis Creed in Creed 3

What is the Creed 3 release date? In 2016, Michael B Jordan came out swinging, taking the gloves from an iconic fighter, and having a jab at a story we didn’t know we needed with Creed. Helmed by Oscar-nominated director Ryan Coogler, the drama movie introduced us to Adonis Creed, the son of Rocky Balboa’s friend, Apollo, and the legacy of the family name.

The thriller movie sparked a new love for the franchise by deviating from what came before, earning itself a sequel, and now a threequel is entering the ring. Third instalments are always a challenging task, though. A rare gem that only the likes of Stallone managed in the case of, well, Rocky 3.

Now Michael B Jordan is set to be going into a similar scrap and this time without the help of the Italian Stallion. Not only will he be reprising his role as Adonis, but he’ll also be taking his corner behind the camera in what will be his directorial debut. So just what can we expect from his first time calling the shots? Well, let’s ring the bell and break down the Creed season 3 release date details for you.

Creed 3 release date

Creed 3 will release on March 3, 2023. Previously, the movie had a release date for November 23, 2022. But, now that’s been pushed back by almost half a year.

Given that the release date for the movie is around half a year away, it’s a surprise that there is no trailer for the Creed 3. It should be dropping at some point in the near future, and when it does we’ll be here to give you all the relevant updates.

Creed 3 release date: Michael B Jordan and Tessa Thompson in Creed 2

Is there a Creed 3 trailer?

There is now a trailer for Creed 3 and it looks epic. In the trailer, we meet Jonathan Majors’ character Damian, who looks like one hell of a scary dude! Honestly, we don’t know how Adonis is going to come out of this one alive – rather him than us.

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Creed 3 plot

Following the success of the second instalment detailing Creed’s career, fans had various theories over what the third chapter could entail. While we don’t have exact details, we do know that Creed 3 will see Adonis take on a new adversary in the ring, in the form of Anderson Dame (Jonathan Majors).

Stallone spoke to TMZ following the second film’s release and entertained the idea of then WBC Heavyweight champ, Deontay Wilder, squaring off against Jordan as the son of Clubber Lang (Mr T), the Italian Stallion’s foe in Rocky 3. The true-life boxer had even expressed his enthusiasm to take the gig if it ever came up.

Unfortunately, creative decisions took casting in a different direction (sorry, Wilder) when the new threatening face in Creed 3 was revealed. After flooring Florian Munteanu’s Viktor Drago in Creed 2, it was confirmed in June 2021 that Jonathan Majors of Lovecraft Country and The Harder They Fall fame was the fighter’s new opponent.

Unfortunately, even now, details of Majors’s character are being kept under wraps, but speculation has circulated Majors may well be another of Apollo’s sons, settling some sibling rivalry. Could the Creed franchise be giving us its take on Warrior? If so, touch gloves and let’s have it immediately.

Creed 3 release date: Jonathan Majors as Damian in Creed 3

Creed 3 cast

Currently, only the critical cast members who appeared in the previous two films are confirmed to be making an appearance in Jordan’s directorial debut. Besides Majors’s intro into the franchise as the unknown fighter, Creed 3 will see Tessa Thompson back as Bianca, who has been Adonis’ love since the first film.

Phylicia Rashad is also back to stress over the champ going for a few more rounds in the threequel as Adonis’ adopted mother and the widow of Apollo Creed. As mentioned, this will also mark the first film in the Balboa-verse that lacks the iconic former champ. Since it was revealed back in April last year that he would be absent from the next movie, Stallone has made no comment on why.

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Thankfully, there doesn’t appear to be any bad blood between the two stars, as Jordan told Yahoo following the announcement, “We really want fans to be interested in Adonis and what that story has to say,” but still making it clear the Italian Stallion will always be present in some way.

“There’s going to be so many Rocky-isms that are forever going to stay with Adonis as he moves forward,” Jordan said. “So as far as page space, or whether or not Rocky comes back for this one, this is the Creed franchise moving forward.”

Creed 3 release date: Michael B Jordan and Tessa Thompson in Creed 2

Where can I watch Creed 3?

While the film still has the aforementioned release date, it comes at an exciting point regarding certain studios involved. Back in May 2021, it was announced that Amazon was buying MGM studios for $8.45 billion and, as a result, would include money-making franchises like James Bond and the Rocky films.

Following the big spend, the immediate question was thrown in of what that meant for future big-screen releases. While it didn’t affect the release of No Time To Die, which arrived in October, the world-dominating company could still have plans for a big screen and streaming service release plan for major movies, much like how Disney uses Disney Plus.

Creed 3 may well take such a hit. There hasn’t been any talk if this could end up being the case, but expect some clarification whenever they finally knock out a teaser.

That’s everything we have on the new Creed movie – for more contenders, check out our guides Dune 2 and The Batman 2. Or, if you’re planning what to watch, check out our guide to the new movies coming out in 2023.