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Creed 4 release date speculation, cast details, plot, and more news

Let's take a look at the future of the Rocky franchise with all we know about the Creed 4 release date, including who Adonis might fight.

Michael B Jordan as Adonis Creed in Creed 3

When is the Creed 4 release date? The bell may have rung on the latest chapter in Adonis Creed’s story, but we’re already eager for more and looking ahead to the fourth installment in Michael B Jordan’s boxing saga.

The Rocky franchise may be more than 45 years old now, but there’s still life in the old dog yet. In fact, the saga has evolved brilliantly over the years (Trust us, we’ve watched all the Rocky movies in order, we know.). With Creed 3 in the rearview, let’s look ahead to the future and see what’s next for the Michael B Jordan movies.

Creed 4 release date speculation

Realistically, we’re not getting another Creed movie until early 2025 at the soonest. No Creed 4 date has been announced yet.

Creed 4 is happening, and Michael Jordan will direct it. We know this thanks to producer Irwin Winkler confirming as much at Deadline Contenders on November 18, 2023.

The gap between Creed 2 and Creed 3 was five years, but there was a global pandemic between those two new movies. We anticipate a shorter wait this time around but don’t be surprised if it’s more like 2026 when Creed 4 happens.

Creed 4 release date: Tessa Thompson and Michael B Jordan in Creed 3

Creed 4 cast speculation

The only name we’re certain would be part of the Creed 4 cast is Michael B. Jordan. The full list hasn’t been announced.

The actor has played the main character in the last three movies and is at the helm for 3 and 4. Alongside him, there’s a high likelihood that Tessa Thompson would return as his wife, Bianca.

Just like how Adrien was a key figure in the original Rocky movies, family life is just as important as what happens in the ring for Adonis, and we can’t imagine him continuing his story without Bianca.

Depending on how long production takes and what the in-story timeline looks like for Creed 4, there’s a possibility young actor Mila Davis-Kent will continue to play Amara Creed.

Michael B. Jordan in Creed III

The daughter of Donnie and Bianca could well be a more central character in the future of the franchise, but there’s always a chance Davis-Kent is replaced depending on how old they want Amara to be in the next movie.

It’s unlikely Jonathan Majors will return as Damian Anderson for Creed 4 given the domestic violence court case the actor is currently involved in.

Expected Creed 4 cast list:

  • Michael B Jordan as Creed
  • Tessa Thompson as Bianca Creed
  • Mila Davis-Kent as Amara Creed

Creed 4 release date: Jonathan Majors and Michael B Jordan in Creed 3

What will Creed 4 be about?

No one knows what the Creed 4 plot would entail at this stage, but we have a feeling the story will focus on Adonis and Bianca’s daughter, Amara.

In the Creed 3 ending, Bianca sees Amara in the boxing ring and, despite her initial reluctance to allow their daughter to follow in Donnie’s footsteps, she admits the young girl looks good between the ropes.

The Rocky franchise has always been about family, and the passing of the baton between different generations, so there’s a good chance we will see Adonis go from fighter to mentor and train his daughter to become a champion herself.

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Is there a Creed 4 trailer?

Creed 4 hasn’t entered production yet, so we won’t have a trailer until early 2025 or later.

It takes time to go through pre-production, filming, then marketing before release. Because of all that, we don’t expect a trailer anytime soon.

Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed in Creed 3

Where can I watch Creed 4?

When it comes out, you’ll likely find Creed 4 playing exclusively in cinemas.

After that, it’ll likely follow Creed 3’s strategy of a digital release window before landing on Prime Video. Amazon purchased MGM, so the studio’s content now goes on their streaming service.

That’s all we know about Creed 4 for now, but we’ll keep our ears to the ground. Until then, here’s how to watch Creed 3. While you’re here, why don’t you check out our guides to more sporting action, like the Welcome to Wrexham season 2 release date, or roll with the punches with the best sports movies?

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