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Who does Olivia Colman play in Secret Invasion?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is being invaded by Skrulls in the new TV series Secret Invasion. Luckily Nick Fury is on the case and Olivia Colman's with him.

Olivia Colman as Sanya in Secret Invasion

Who does Olivia Colman play in Secret Invasion? Mysteries and lies define the new Disney Plus series Secret Invasion and the MCU’s top spymaster Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), doesn’t know who to trust.

Still, the Marvel Cinematic Universe spy network is bigger than we expected, and now the Secret Invasion release date is here, we can finally reveal who Olivia Colman plays in Secret Invasion. Warning spoilers ahead for the new Marvel series.

Who does Olivia Colman play in Secret Invasion?

Olivia Colman plays Sonya Falsworth in Secret Invasion the “most dangerous woman in the UK”. A long-time friend of Nick Fury, Sonya’s an experienced and high-ranking MI6 agent who’s determined to do everything in her power to keep the UK free from the Skrull menace.  

Don’t take our word for it, though. Here’s how Colman described Sonya at the Secret Invasion press conference. “Sonya works for MI6,” she said. “And she likes wearing red. And she’s quite funny. And she’s potentially a little bit not that nice sometimes.”She sounds exactly like the type of person Fury would hang out with.

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Does Sonya Falsworth exist in the Marvel comics?

No, Sonya Falsworthdoes does not exist in the Marvel comics. She’s an original creation for the Secret Invasion TV series.

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