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We’ve got exciting news about how Armor Wars ties into Secret Invasion

With the Secret Invasion release date here, we're beginning to get more excited about Don Cheadle's upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Armor Wars.

Don Cheadle as James Rhodes in Secret Invasion

The latest Marvel series kicked off with the Secret Invasion release date on June 16, 2023, and the Disney Plus show got off to a solid start, with intrigue and a compelling climax. It’s also got one of our favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, Rhodey. And we have an exciting tease from the Secret Invasion press conference.

While we’ve not seen anything directly relating to Don Cheadle’s own Marvel Cinematic Universe solo film just yet, the Iron Man cast star was able to give us a crumb ahead of the Armor Wars release date.

We’re getting answers to questions like who does Emilia Clarke play in Secret Invasion, but we now have an answer as to whether Rhodey’s presence in the TV series is actually meaningful for the character’s future in new movies: yes.

And that’s literally it — pretty much just “Yes,” the actor said slyly, “it will relate.” Don’t give us too much to chew on all at once, Don. We’ll forgive him, though, as it’s still early days.

It was originally announced as a Disney Plus series, then later in development, the decision was made to make Armor Wars a movie instead. Phase 5 is quite tightly packed, and amidst lots of delays to MCU projects there aren’t a lot of details on it yet, but things must be cooking if Rhodey’s positioning in Secret INvasion correlates.

We assume it’s his government position. Rhodey, unlike Tony Stark, has always worked closely with officials. And he’s now even by the President’s side often. Armor Wars is vaguely shaping up to be the story of Stark’s technology falling into the wrong hands, with Rhodey in the mix trying to presumably retrieve it.

If you look at how many episodes of Secret Invasion there will be, we’ve got some time to see if War Machine gets more to do (watch episode 1 sing our sign up link above, if you’d like). Until then, take a peek at when does Secret Invasion take place or the best movies of all time.