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Netflix’s One Piece live-action series ending explained

Netflix has finally released the live-action One Piece series. So, here's our guide explaining everything that happens at the end of season 1 in the new show.

One Piece live action ending explained: Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hats about to fight Arlong

How does the One Piece live-action end? It is time to grab your sea legs and get ready to set sail because Netflix’s new One Piece live-action series is finally here! However, let’s be honest: navigating the waters of a new world can be tricky, and newbie Straw Hats and anime veterans may be wondering how the new show actually ends.

One Piece is an adaptation of one of the best anime series of all time, bringing the iconic adventures of Monkey D Luffy to life. With the One Piece live-action release date, fans can see the hunt for the famed One Piece treasure like never before and witness all our favorite anime characters in a new light. But with Fish Men, One Piece lore, and an unfinished saga, mapping out the new Netflix series is no easy task. There is betrayal, backstories, and some juicy revenge plots.

So, to keep track of everything, The Digital Fix is here to help. Below, we give you a complete One Piece live-action ending explained guide – going over the last episode, where in the anime series the show ended, and what we can expect from the future. So sit back and mind the Devil Fruit on your journey into Netflix’s latest outing. Warning: spoilers ahead!

How does Netflix’s One Piece season 1 end?

The first season of Netflix’s live-action One Piece series ends with the defeat of Arlong and the Straw Hat pirates, fully formed and ready to sail the Grand Line.

Obviously, this is a very brief synopsis, so let’s get into all the juicy details about how Luffy and his gang managed to best the tyrannical Fish Man pirate. Throughout the series, Nami has been somewhat of a mystery. The expert thief and navigator has been pretty suspicious since the get-go, and it turns out all our suspicions were right after she double-crosses Luffy and his crew after an unconscious Zoro is recovering from his fight with Dracule Mihawk.

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While the rest of the crew are by Zoro’s side, Nami steals the map of the Grand Line and hands it over to the Fish Man pirate Arlong, revealing that she has actually been a member of the anime villain‘s crew all along. Everyone is upset by the revelation (understandably). But Luffy and Nami’s new admirer, Sanji, insist that something is up and go after their navigator, searching for the truth.

Now, here is where the new series differs slightly from the One Piece anime. In Netflix’s series, it turns out that Arlong killed Nami’s adoptive mother and is extorting her hometown, Cocoyasi Village. Everyone believes Nami to be a traitor for joining his crew, including her own sister, Nojiko.

However, in actual fact, Nami has been trying to steal enough money to buy back Cocoyasi Village’s freedom. Something she has finally managed to achieve. In the One Piece anime, everyone was aware of Nami’s reasoning for joining the crew and even went so far as to help her regain her freedom.

So yeah, longtime anime fans, if you are confused by the new turn in the adaptation, don’t worry; it isn’t a mistake, but instead, emphasize how difficult and lonely Nami’s journey has been all these years (I’m not crying, you are). And to make your heart hurt even more, there is more sadness coming, too.

One Piece live action ending explained: Arlong in the live action One Piece series

Like every good dramatic twist, things don’t go Nami’s way. Arlong refuses to let her go and teams up with some corrupt marines, who confiscate Nami’s treasure before she can complete the deal, trapping her in his service forever.

Nami is devastated, but Luffy isn’t about to let one of his friends suffer. Together with the rest of his crew, he goes to face Arlong, free Nami, and her hometown, and retrieve the map to the Grand Line in the process. A fight breaks out with the Straw Hats facing Arlong’s crew while Luffy deals with the main villain himself.

After using his rubber limbs to bring down Arlong’s palace, the Straw Hats save the day. Nami and her town are free, and she officially joins the Straw Hat pirates in the process. It is a pretty happy ending and made even better once Luffy also finds out that he finally has a bounty on his head, making him an official pirate.

But with his bounty comes more danger. The last episode of the series shows Buggy the Clown and “Iron Mace” Alvida planning their revenge. And you can’t forget that the Marines are still hot on their tail, too. So yeah, don’t let the end credits fool you; there still seems to be plenty of One Piece to explore.

One Piece live action ending explained: The Straw Hats in the One Piece anime series

Where are we in the One Piece anime?

Netflix’s One Piece live-action series ends after the Arlong Park Arc in the East Blue saga of the anime series. This means that it finishes off around episode 44, and this also means that we haven’t even finished the East Blue saga yet.

We still need to see the Loguetown Arc in the live-action series to fully complete the first chapter of One Piece’s story. Loguetown is the last town before the entrance to the Grand Line and was where Gol D Roger was executed in the first episode of the series.

In the anime, it’s in this arc where Luffy must face another powerful Marine captain – Smoker, as well as Buggy and Alvida. Smoker is another Devil Fruit user, so expect to see more epic fights if Netflix decides to make a season 2.

One Piece live action ending explained: the newly formed crew in One Piece during the last episode of the Netflix series

Will there be a One Piece live-action season 2?

As mentioned above, we are pretty certain that Netflix will give us a second season of its live-action One Piece series since it left us on a cliffhanger and still needs to finish the East Blue saga.

Luffy hasn’t even begun his journey on the Grand Line yet, and now that the Straw Hats are formed, it feels like we are just getting started. However, One Piece season 2 depends on how the series does for Netflix. It isn’t a cheap show to make, so we are betting that it will need to bring in some serious berries if it wants to get renewed (Fingers crossed!).

And that is the complete breakdown of the One Piece live-action season 1 ending. For more high sea fun, here are our guides on the best One Piece characters of all time, how to watch all of One Piece in order, and all the One Piece filler you can skip. We also have a detailed article on the One Piece live-action cast, and everything new on Netflix this month.

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