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Mission Impossible – What is Sevastopol?

The word is thrown around a lot in Mission Impossible 7, but what is the significance of Sevastopol, and what does it mean in Ethan Hunt's new adventure.

What is Sevastopol in Mission Impossible 7: Pom Klementieff as Paris

What is Sevastopol in Mission Impossible 7? It’s not unusual for Ethan and his team to be running around the world in their quest to save the day in the Mission Impossible movies. And Dead Reckoning Part One is no exception to this rule.

But you may be surprised to learn that Sevastopol isn’t necessarily referring to the city in Mission Impossible 7, but rather something else entirely. In fact, in this Tom Cruise movie, Sevastopol is quite an important factor.

And with Sevastopol set to become an even more integral part of the story when the Mission Impossible 8 release date rolls around, you may want to know what they’re talking about. Here, we break down everything you need to know about Sevastopol in Mission Impossible 7. Be warned: minor spoilers to follow.

What is Sevastopol in Mission Impossible 7?

Sevastopol is the Russian submarine that houses the source code for The Entity.

We first see The Sevastopol in the movie’s opening sequence. The source code for The Entity is aboard the submarine, which the Russians are actively using. However, when The Entity becomes sentient, its tracking system tricks the Russians into believing they are being attacked.

They launch a missile, but can see on their radar that the mysterious enemy submarine suddenly disappears. But, actually, it was never really there. Essentially, The Entity is messing with them. When The Entity reroutes the missile to attack their own ship, the submarine is destroyed, killing everyone aboard.

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The wreckage of The Sevastopol sinks to the bottom of the ocean, while the bodies float to the top. One of the Russian generals is wearing the key that becomes the central object of the movie, since all the characters are after it in one way or another.

During the Mission Impossible 7 ending, Ethan, who now has the key, is told by Paris that he must find The Sevastopol (reminder: located at the bottom of the ocean) in order to access the source code. In doing this, he can shut down and destroy The Entity once and for all. …Good luck, Ethan.

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