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Zack Snyder has one Marvel movie he would make for the MCU

Zack Snyder is no stranger to superhero movies, especially in the DCU. But when it comes to Marvel, he might have his eyes set on a hero.

Zack Snyder has one Marvel movie he would make for the MCU: Batman and Iron Man

Whether you’re a fan or not, it can’t be denied that Zack Snyder knows a thing or two about superhero movies. From Watchmen to Justice League, he’s dripped into numerous comic book worlds, so it’s no wonder he’s been thinking about what his first MCU move could be.

If you’re thinking the Zack Snyder‘s already directed an MCU movie, you’d be wrong. He’s gone into battle for DCU, but he’s not ventured into Marvel. Neither is he signed up for any upcoming Marvel movies. But if he had to pick a Marvel character to adapt, he already knows who he’d go for.

In a recent Variety interview, he revealed that if Marvel came calling, he might be up for doing a Daredevil and Elektra movie. Specifically, Frank Miller’s Elektra Lives Again arc. “But that’s it,” he said.

Snyder’s been making the rounds in order to promote the Rebel Moon release date, which is heading to Netflix in December. His science fiction movie is a tale of rebellion and underdogs, not too dissimilar from the basis that built Star Wars. (When asked if he’d consider working on a Star Wars flick, he replied: “Nah, I don’t think so.”)

This got us thinking about what a Zack Snyder Daredevil movie would look like, and whether it would be any good. And you know what? …It probably would be.

Snyder has become known for his signature style, which is typically noir-leaning and utilizes slow-motion, speed-ramping, and muted tones. Since Daredevil takes place in Hell’s Kitchen in New York, we think Snyder’s gritty, dark aesthetic would be a fitting match for the hero’s setting.

The only live-action movie adaptation exists in the form of Ben Affleck’s 2003 Daredevil movie. He also appeared in the spin-off, Elektra, though neither really stands as the most memorable superhero movie of all time.

Zack Snyder has one Marvel movie he would make for the MCU: Ben Affleck as Daredevil

These days, Marvel are still hoping to get the Marvel series Daredevil: Born Again (aka: Daredevil season 4) off the ground, so the likelihood of seeing another movie starring the character anytime soon is pretty low. And considering Snyder’s moving into sci-fi territory now, the likelihood of him directing is even lower.

Still, it might be nice to see a full-scale Daredevil and Elektra collaboration. She only came into the TV series from the second season onward, and the 2003 Daredevil movie certainly kept the focus on the titular hero.

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The Daredevil-Elektra relationship is an on-again-off-again mess, and a dedicated story might be an opportunity to explore one of the more enigmatic and unusual relationships in Marvel’s collective. Here’s hoping there might be a Daredevil project behind Marvel Phase 6!

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