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Spider-Man: No Way Home coming to digital this week

Spider-Man: No Way Home can finally swing its way into your home this week, as the MCU movie's digital release has been brought forward

Spider-Man: No Way Home coming to streaming this week

Just when we thought the theatrical window for Spider-Man: No Way Home would never end, it looks like the action movie is finally swapping cinemas for the small screen, with the MCU movie being released digitally this week. This is a week earlier than originally planned, which means Spidey can swing his way into your home sooner than expected – with your permission, of course!

Sony has confirmed to IGN that their latest collaboration with Marvel, Spider-Man: No Way Home, will now release digitally on March 15, 2022. The physical release of the superhero movie on Blu-ray and DVD will remain as April 12 in the US, and April 4 in the UK.

The film enjoyed incredible success at the box office during its theatrical run, breaking all kinds of records, with cinema-goers flocking to see the Marvel Phase 4 movie. Despite being released way back in December 2021, the Wallcrawler was still hanging around in cinemas until very recently, before The Batman became the newest attraction in town for comic book fans.

While you can purchase the movie digitally, it remains to be seen when and how Spider-Man: No Way Home will feature on streaming services. Historically, Disney Plus has not been able to home the previous instalments of the Tom Holland Spider-Man movies, with Netflix providing the platform for them more recently.

According to a tweet from insider Amit Chaudhury, the physical release of No Way Home could feature up to 100 hours of exclusive bonus footage, including extra scenes of the multiple cameo appearances in the film. So, if you’d rather get all of that, and put the movie in your physical collection, the digital release might not be for you.

We don’t know much about Spidey’s future just yet, but we are seeing the Sony cinematic universe expand rather quickly now, with Morbius on his way, and a Kraven the Hunter movie picking up speed in its development.

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