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Deadpool 3 updates coming “sooner rather than later”, says Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool is set to join the MCU at some point, and Ryan Reynolds now says updates on Deadpool 3 are heading our way sooner rather than later

Deadpool 3 updates coming sooner rather than later, says Ryan Reynolds

Ever since Marvel boss Kevin Feige confirmed that Deadpool would eventually become an official part of the MCU, fans of the Merc with a Mouth have been speculating as to when he will finally make his grand entrance to the superhero series. Well, according to the man behind the mask, Ryan Reynolds, we can expect some updates on Deadpool 3 “sooner rather than later.”

In a recent interview with Collider, Reynolds was talking about his upcoming time travel movie The Adam Project, which is heading to streaming service Netflix. But, as you can imagine, the discussion of Deadpool is never too far away for an actor who is so synonymous with the comic book anti-hero. So, will we see the X-Men character in Marvel’s Phase 4?

While Reynolds couldn’t offer anything too concrete about a Deadpool sequel right now, he did confirm that he would have “a batch of updates on that sooner rather than later.” So, fans of the action movie franchise will just unfortunately have to do what all movie fans are terrible at, and be patient for a little while longer.

Recently, the rumour mill surrounding Deadpool’s MCU debut, with many fans speculating that he could even make a surprise cameo in the upcoming multiverse-bending science fiction movie Doctor Strange 2. Reynolds himself denied those rumours, but we know MCU actors like to keep things close to their chest when it comes to secret roles.

Back in August 2021, Reynolds said the script for Deadpool 3 was coming along, and that the project had a good chance of being filmed in 2022. But, that’s looking less and less likely with little to no definitive news recently.

“I’ll have a batch of updates on [Deadpool] sooner rather than later, I hope,” Reynolds told Collider. “So I’ll be able to get into stuff about Deadpool a little bit more clearly and definitively down the road,” he added.

So, while we won’t hold our breath for any updates just yet, it’s encouraging to know that news on the much-awaited return of Deadpool could be just around the corner.