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Is Agent Ross a Skrull in Secret Invasion?

Agent Ross is one of the many MCU characters to return for Disney Plus series Secret Invasion. But, with so many Skrulls around, everyone is suspicious.

Martin Freeman is back as Agent Ross in Secret Invasion, which features Skrulls

Is Agent Ross a Skrull in Secret Invasion? Marvel is embracing the world of the paranoid political thriller with its latest Disney Plus venture, as Secret Invasion tells the shady story of an underground rebellion by the shape-shifting Skrulls.

The new MCU series follows Samuel L Jackson‘s Nick Fury as he joins forces with his Skrull buddy Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) to prevent some less friendly Skrulls living on Earth from attempting to take over the planet as their new home. It has many of the hallmarks of the best thriller movies, as well as carrying on the story laid down by recent MCU movies – most notably Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

Secret Invasion debuted on Disney Plus this week, and we’re hoping that the new Marvel series stands up as one of the best TV series of the year. But, in the meantime, the eye of suspicion will fall on some of the returning MCU characters, including the otherwise lovable Martin Freeman. So is Agent Ross a Skrull in Secret Invasion? It’s not easy being green.

Is Agent Ross a Skrull in Secret Invasion?

Yes, Agent Ross is revealed to be a Skrull in the prologue scene of Secret Invasion. We don’t know whether he has been doubled by a Skrull before this.

It’s a shocking beginning for the series, which starts with Agent Ross visiting paranoid agent Prescod in Moscow. Prescod believes that a renegade group of Skrulls are responsible for a series of apparently unrelated terrorist attacks.

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Ross kills Prescod in a scuffle, only to find himself being pursued through the streets by an unknown assailant. He tumbles from a building on to the concrete below and, eventually, he dies. His dead body transforms, revealing him to be a Skrull, and we learn that his pursuer was none other than our friend Talos, who is working with Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders).

It is not explained whether Ross’s body has been doubled by a Skrull recently, or whether we’ve actually been seeing a Skrull in the character’s other appearances, such as in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Given the fact this seems to be an isolated prologue, we’re not sure whether we’ll ever get an answer. Perhaps we’ll have to wait for Freeman’s next MCU gig.

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