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Secret Invasion - How many Skrulls live on Earth?

When Nick Fury invited the Skrulls to live on Earth they were a peaceful race. But the Disney Plus show, Secret Invasion proves the MCU has changed since then.

Talos from Secret Invasion stands in front of an army of Skrulls

How many Skrulls live on Earth? When the Skrulls were first introduced to the MCU, they were a far cry from the warlike race seen in the comic books. The Skrulls were refugees on the run from the Kree, and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) happily welcomed the aliens to live on Earth while they looked for a new homeworld.

Since then, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has changed though, and the Skrulls have grown impatient waiting for Fury to help them. In the new Marvel series Secret Invasion, we learn that a rogue Skrull faction has been infiltrating different institutions across the Earth in the hopes of taking over the planet.

So how dangerous is this threat? Well, to know that, we have to know how many Skrulls are living on Earth, and as the Secret Invasion release date is finally here, it’s the perfect time to pick up a calculator and do some counting. Warning spoilers ahead for the new Disney Plus show.

How many Skrulls live on Earth?

The exact number of Skrulls living on Earth isn’t known, but we can assume there are at least a couple of thousand based on the events of Secret Invasion. When the Skrulls first came to Earth in the ’90s during the events of Captain Marvel, there were a mere handful, but when Beto got to New Skrullos, the population looked to have grown exponentially. 

We can presume then that Talos invited more of his people to make Earth their home while Fury and Captain Danvers looked for a suitable planet for the Skrulls to make their new home in the wake of the war with the Kree.

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