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Who does Emilia Clarke play in Secret Invasion?

We finally know the answer to who does Emilia Clarke play in Secret Invasion, and her character's true identity reveals lots of juicy drama underneath.

Emilia Clarke as G'iah in Secret Invasion

Who does Emilia Clarke play in Secret Invasion? There’s been a bit of back and forth about who Clarke is in the new TV series, and most people were way off as it turns out.

A quirky Marvel Cinematic Universe character from the pages of comic books (ie. Abigail Brand), an unknown with no connection, human or Skrull? The Marvel series, unsurprisingly, kept things pretty under wraps for a while there.

But now that the Secret Invasion release date has come and gone, we know the answer to who is Emilia Clarke Playing in Secret Invasion. Get your beanies and trench coats, and let us unravel this mystery as well as give you some background.

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Who does Emilia Clarke play in Secret Invasion?

Emilia Clarke plays the Skrull activist G’iah, Talos’ daughter, who we first saw in Captain Marvel.

In-universe, it’s been decades since the events of Captain Marvel — the second of all the Marvel movies in order, chronologically speaking. Talos’ (Ben Mendelsohn’s fakeout villain from the movie) young daughter has grown into a fearless yet conflicted Skrull activist fighting for her people to be able to live and present freely as themselves, without a human disguise.

Emilia Clarke as G'iah and Talos in Secret Invasion

Although her loyalty lies with the Skrulls, G’iah is not an extremist like some others such as Gravik, and as such she sits in a no man’s land that’s quite interesting in a Disney Plus show that draws battle lines in the first episode. The Game of Thrones actor brings a great divided quality to her and is one of the more relatable characters in the story.

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