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S.A.B.E.R. in Secret Invasion explained

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of mysterious organizations but the new Disney Plus series Secret Invasion introduced us to S.A.B.E.R. led by Nick Fury.

Nick Fury the star of Secret Invasion stood by the S.A.B.E.R. space station

What is S.A.B.E.R. in Secret Invasion? The MCU is full of secret organizations, from S.H.I.E.L.D. and HYDRA to A.I.M. and The Illuminati, but the new Marvel series Secret Invasion introduces us to a new group called S.A.B.E.R.

But who is the  Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s newest secret club? Well, as the Secret Invasion release date has come and gone, we thought we’d take a break from slavishly ranking all our favorite picks for the best MCU characters to investigate this shady new group.

Don’t worry. You don’t need an advanced security clearance to read on, although we recommend watching the new Marvel series before you do; we don’t want to spoil anything for you. Still with us? Good, here’s everything we know about S.A.B.E.R. in Secret Invasion.

What is S.A.B.E.R. in Secret Invasion?

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, S.A.B.E.R. is a mysterious secret organization led by Nick Fury. The group appears to have been set up after the events of The Blip, and it essentially operates as S.H.I.E.L.D. in space, protecting the Earth from extra-terrestrial threats like Thanos.

The exact number of S.A.B.E.R. agents is unknown, but we do know that the group owns and operate a space station that appears to orbit the Earth. We first saw the space station during Spider-Man: Far From Home’s post-credit sequence, where it was revealed Fury was taking a vacation on the station.

Known S.A.B.E.R. members include Fury and Monica Rambeau. We also know that the S.A.B.E.R. station will play a major role in both Secret Invasion and the upcoming MCU movie The Marvels.

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What does S.A.B.E.R. stand for?

We don’t know what S.A.B.E.R. stands for at the time, but if we were to guess Space And Beyond Earth Recon.

OK, that’s a complete guess on our part, so if it turns out to be true, then Kevin Feige owes us a Coke.

the S.A.B.E.R. space station

Does S.A.B.E.R exist in Marvel comics?

No S.A.B.E.R. does not exist in the comics, but a similar organization known as S.W.O.R.D. does. S.W.O.R.D, or the Sentient World Observation and Response Department, to give its proper name, is an intelligence agency that deals with extraterrestrial threats to world security.

It’s clear that S.A.B.E.R. is basically meant to be the MCU’s equivalent of S.W.O.R.D., so why didn’t they just call it S.W.O.R.D.? Well, because the MCU already has its own version of S.W.O.R.D., which was introduced back in WandaVision.

SWORD Space Station in the comics

That organization was founded by Maria Rambeau and was known as the Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division. They were the group responsible for building White Vision and basically kicking off Wanda’s breakdown.

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