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Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly’s thriller dominates Netflix’s top ten

Yellowstone star Kelly Reilly best known for her work as Beth Dutton on the Paramount Plus show, is dominating the Netflix top ten with her underrated thriller.

Kelly Reilly in Yellowstone

Kelly Reilly isn’t just a leading star of the Yellowstone cast as the living embodiment of chaos Beth Dutton, she’s also a movie star with a long and impressive career. She starred in the Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movies as Mary Watson, and is due to appear in one of the most exciting new movies of the year: A Haunting in Venice.

However, it’s not any of these that are taking Netflix by storm: it’s her 2018 thriller movie 10×10. The movie, which recently landed on the streaming service in the UK, has rocketed up the charts to claim the #3 spot. But, even if you’re not in the UK, the movie is absolutely worth seeking out and is currently available to rent on Amazon Prime Video.

With Reilly and Luke Evans in the leading roles, it’s a claustrophobic and tightly wound thriller with plenty of twists and turns. To go into any more detail would be to get into spoilers, and you don’t want to be spoiled for this movie.

10×10 was released in 2018 before Yellowstone had made its debut, but since the launch of the Western series Reilly has become one of the biggest names on TV with her fan-favorite character Beth Dutton.

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Reilly plays an integral role in the show, which is one of the best TV series around right now, and will be back with the Yellowstone season 5 part 2 release date. The only hiccup is the fact that we don’t know when that will be, due to multiple factors including the 2023 Writers Strike and the departure of her on-screen father Kevin Costner.

What we do know is that Reilly’s Beth will be playing a central role in the conclusion of the show, no matter how it ends.

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