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Where can I watch Coraline?

Laika's animated classic Coraline is returning to US theaters, and it's also available on the best streaming services. Here's how to watch Coraline right now.

Where can I watch Coraline?

Where can I watch Coraline? Sometimes, the best movies for kids are the ones that stop them sleeping at night. And that’s a category into which Coraline slots very neatly. Even as an adult, it has more than a few slices of proper nightmare fuel.

Laika arrived on the scene as an animation studio to watch with Coraline, which adapted a Neil Gaiman story through the stop-motion genius of Henry Selick into one of the best animated movies of the 2000s. It’s one of the best family movies ever made, as long as you don’t mind giving your kids a few nightmares. Healthy nightmares. Character-building nightmares.

It has been more than a decade since Coraline became one of the most exciting new movies of 2009, and it’s now considered to be an absolute classic. It’s certainly right up there with the best movies to come out of Laika’s animation factory. So where can I watch Coraline, including the latest cinema re-release?

Where can I watch Coraline?

Coraline is returning to cinemas in the US on Monday August 14, 2023 and Tuesday August 15, 2023 for a spooky summer treat. 

If you’re in the States, head on over to Fathom Events to find out if there’s a cinema near you showing the film. Or if staying at home is more your thing, Coraline is currently available to stream on Max, as well as several digital VOD platforms for purchase.

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Is Coraline streaming?

Coraline is currently streaming on Max in the USA and on ITVX in the UK.

You can also watch Coraline on digital rental and purchase platforms, including Prime Video, Google Play, and Apple TV. So there are plenty of options for watching Coraline on the best streaming services if you can’t get to one of the cinemas showing the re-release.

Is Coraline on Netflix?

Coraline is not currently on Netflix, but we’ll keep an eye out to see if it shows up. You can, however, watch other Laika movies including The Boxtrolls and Missing Link. Alternatively, find out what else is new on Netflix this month.

How to watch Coraline

Is Coraline on Disney Plus?

No, Coraline isn’t on Disney Plus, and we wouldn’t expect to see it there soon. 

However, that streamer is of course home to all of the best Pixar movies as well as the best Disney movies of all time. Animation lovers will find everything they could possibly want, except for Coraline.

Is Coraline on Prime Video?

Coraline is available to rent or purchase via Prime Video, but it’s not on offer for free to subscribers. If you are after some free options, take a look at what’s new on Amazon Prime this month.

Is Coraline on Blu-ray?

Coraline is available on Blu-ray right now. So if you’re a fan of the film, there’s no excuse for not grabbing the physical release and giving it pride of place on your shelves.

Where to watch Coraline in cinemas and streaming services

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