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Neil Gaiman admits Netflix series got this Sandman character wrong

Neil Gaiman has admitted Netflix series The Sandman got a character wrong in the TV adaptation of his comic book fantasy series about dreams and nightmares.

Tom Sturridge as Morpheus and Rose Walker in The Sandman

The Sandman on Netflix boasts many intriguing, diverse characters. Dream is a lovable and stoic emo, Rose Walker is the level-headed audience insert, Johanna Constantine is a cool spin on the classic character, and Dream’s siblings colourfully pad out The Sandman cast.

One of the best Netflix series, its gothic aesthetics and tonally varied characters occupying ephemeral locations and making humanity their playthings helped made the adaptation a success.

But while waiting for The Sandman season 2, one fan asked original author Neil Gaiman a difficult question about one of The Endless.

On his official Tumblr account, Gaiman responded to a fan’s dismay at the portrayal of Despair, and the implications of making that plus-sized character “frumpy, depressed, and not really loved by anyone.”

Gaiman replied, “Mostly, what I hope is that the next time you see Despair on the screen you won’t think of her as frumpy, depressed and unloved. She isn’t in the comics, and I think we missed what we were aiming for in Sandman Season 1.”

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Gaiman also assured the fan that more positive plus-sized representation using the same actress was coming, “You’ll see Donna Preston in Season 2 of Good Omens, as well, playing Mrs Sandwich, a part a long way from Despair.”

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