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This anime movie is swiftly moving up the Netflix top ten

Chris Hemsworth and Harry Potter have a new rival in the Netflix charts, as a recent anime movie has fans tuning in and pushing it right up into the top ten.

Black Clover movie

More disruption has arrived on the Netflix charts. Black Clover fans are gravitating to the service in droves now that the Black Clover movie is out. So much so, what was already one of the best anime movies of the year has started to look like one of the biggest as well.

As of now, Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King is sixth on the top ten Netflix movies on the UK side of the platform. That wouldn’t be bad innings on any day, but when you consider the competition, it’s quite impressive indeed.

The Harry Potter movies recently became available on Netflix UK, swiftly taking over the charts. You’ve got the new movie from Chris Hemsworth, Extraction 2, looking rock solid at the top, and one of the best family movies of the decade so far, Paw Patrol: The Movie, in second.

But then, we shouldn’t be too surprised, since Black Clover has been regarded as one of the best anime series for some time now. Set against a land where magic users are common, the animated series follows Asta, a kid who can’t use spells, who’s determined to become the Wizard King.


If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s basically a fantasy series version of My Hero Academia. But such are the tropes of the medium, and Asta’s journey had a very satisfying arc leading up to the finale in 2021. Sword of the Wizard King brings back our main anime character for a misadventure that takes place during the big fights in the show’s climax.

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