Jordan Peele movies ranked from worst to best

Jordan Peele is part of a very exciting new breed of horror movie directors, and is currently three for three with his films, but which is best?

Jordan Peele movies ranked: Keke Palmer in Nope

What is the best Jordan Peele movie? Jordan Peele is part of a very exciting new breed of horror movie directors and is currently three for three with his films, but with such a high quality of credits to his name, we wanted to take a look at which is his best movie. So, from Get Out, to Us, to Nope, we’ve ranked them all.

After forging a successful career as a very funny man, primarily in the long-running comedy series Saturday Night Live, you’d have thought Peele would go on to make a name for himself as a comedy movie director. Turns out, Peele had a much darker side to him than we expected, and his twisted mind has delivered three fascinating, dark thriller movies now.

It’s early days, but the battle to be the best Jordan Peele movie is fierce, with all three of his directorial efforts proving to be accomplished pieces of work. With this in mind, we took on the task of ranking the movies from the mind of Jordan Peele.

Jordan Peele movies ranked, from worst to best:

  • Us
  • Nope
  • Get Out

Jordan Peele movies ranked: Lupita Nyong'o in Us

Us (2019)

As the follow-up act to Peele’s blistering debut, Us was always going to have a difficult task on its hands to live up to such great expectations. While still a very solid movie, Us does suffer from being a little bit predictable at times and lacks the subtlety of its predecessor.

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Nevertheless, this is still an enthralling and entertaining study of the uncanny and the concept of the outsider. Lupita Nyong’o absolutely kills it in the lead role(s) too, and should most definitely have received recognition from The Academy.

Jordan Peele movies ranked: Steven Yeun as Ricky 'Jupe' Park in Nope

Nope (2022)

With a sterling reputation in place, expectations were even higher for Peele’s latest movie, and wouldn’t you know it, Nope duly delivers. Peele reunites with Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya for his take on an alien movie, and the result is mind-blowing.

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In typical Peele fashion, Nope is full of surprises, and clever symbolic references as the filmmaker once again offers his audience a thought-provoking cinematic spectacle. Nope is bigger and bolder than his previous two films and proof that Peele can handle large-scale storytelling.

Jordan Peele movies ranked: Daniel Kaluuya as Chris in Get Out

Get Out (2017)

To be fair to the other two movies on this list, neither of them could ever capture the magic of sitting down to watch the very first Jordan Peele movie, not knowing anything about the experience to come. When Get Out hit cinema screens, audiences went in pretty much blind, and were stunned by his razor-sharp social commentary and incredible plot twists.

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With Peele’s fantastic script, Kaluuya on top form, and an array of searing imagery, Get Out is a provocative and powerful depiction of the Black experience in modern-day America. Get Out is so good, in fact, that it earned four Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, and Peele actually won the award for Best Original Screenplay.

Sadly, that’s all the Jordan Peele movies we can talk about for now until he releases a new movie. We can’t wait to see what he does next! For more director rankings, check out our list of the best Steven Spielberg movies.