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Is A Haunting in Venice streaming? How to watch the mystery movie

A Haunting in Venice is the latest Hercule Poirot mystery. Hitting screens in 2023, the new movie promises drama, tension, and murder in Venice, Italy.

Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot in A Haunting in Venice

Is A Haunting in Venice streaming? The ever-capable Hercule Poirot is back for more sleuthing, and this time, we’re in Venice, Italy. We’d have shivers if it weren’t for all the glorious sun.

We’ve been on a tumbling, dark train, we’ve drank “enough champagne to fill the Nile,” and now we’re headed for a Halloween seance at a haunted palazzo — because of course we are. A Haunting in Venice has been met with positive reactions out of the gate, and it might stand a chance at being among the best movies of director Kenneth Branagh‘s career.

That being said, we want to launch our own internal investigation to coincide with the A Haunting in Venice release date. So, get out your spyglass and scan through the best streaming services, this is how to watch A Haunting in Venice.

Where can I watch A Haunting in Venice?

A Haunting in Venice releases exclusively in theaters in the US on Friday, September 15, 2023.

After its theatrical run, expect the film to come to VOD platforms for rental or purchase before streaming anywhere.

We’ve got high standards for the best Halloween movies, but here’s hoping it beats Death on the Nile (not hard).

Tina Fey in A Haunting in Venice

Is A Haunting in Venice streaming?

A Haunting in Venice is not yet streaming, but it will be available eventually for rental, purchase, and then streaming at no extra cost on Disney Plus.

Until the theatrical window is over, your only choice is your local multiplex. New movies come to digital after about 30-45 days, typically.

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Is A Haunting in Venice on Netflix?

A Haunting in Venice isn’t on Netflix and likely won’t ever be, as Disney distributes the movie.

If Netflix is your streamer of choice, we have a list of the best Netflix movies to keep you company since Poirot’s mustache won’t, on account of 20th Century Studios being under the Disney banner now.

Is A Haunting in Venice on Disney Plus?

A Haunting in Venice isn’t on Disney Plus yet, but we expect a streaming release date to come after the film has played in theatres.

Like the previous whodunnits, A Haunting in Venice will end up on Disney’s service. As for the timeline, it can vary, but three months is a good general rule of thumb.

We have a list of the best Disney Plus movies available while we wait, and you can use our link above to sign up for Disney Plus if you don’t have a subscription and would like one. We also keep our new on Disney Plus guide updated on the latest mysteries.

Michelle Yeoh in A haunting in Venice

Is A Haunting in Venice on Amazon Prime Video?

A Haunting in Venice won’t be available at no extra cost on Amazon Prime Video, but it should become available for purchase or rental when the digital release date arrives.

You can sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial or see what’s new on Amazon Prime Video if you’d like to see what you can stream right now. But, depending on the box office performance, we should be able to visit Venice via VOD a month or two after the film premieres.

Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot in A Haunting in Venice

Is A Haunting in Venice on Blu-ray?

A Haunting in Venice does not yet have a Blu-Ray release date, but we expect it to get one, just like Death on the Nile did.

You can check Blu-Ray.com for future updates on all Blu-Ray releases. It was doubtful Disney would release the previous film on physical media, but the studio seems to have heard the cries of collectors and has been slightly more supportive of the format recently, even announcing steel books for its Marvel series. We think we’re safe to assume here.

For more streaming, take a peek at what’s new on Max. We also have lists of the best thriller movies and a Death on the Nile ending explained if you need a refresher. And, sorry, Kenneth Branagh isn’t making a Gargoyles movie.