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Sorry, Kenneth Branagh isn’t making a Gargoyles movie

The latest round of completely unfounded new movie rumors have targeted director and actor Kenneth Branagh, who reportedly is not helming a Gargoyles movie.

Kenneth BranaghPoirot in the Orient Express

Recently, the Belfast Telegraph reported Kenneth Branagh would be directing a Gargoyles movie for Disney. A bit funny-sounding, but Kenneth Branagh does have some space on his calendar for new movies, and, let’s be honest, Disney can and will throw any old IP at a wall instead of paying writers to come up with something new in the majority of cases.

The story, which came from Branagh’s hometown outlet, was picked up and spread on social media. It was believable enough: Branagh’s awards movie Belfast won at the Oscars for Best Original Screenplay (the mouse loves to run a statue-winner through their mill), his murder mysteries Death on the Nile and Murder on the Orient Express are on Disney Plus, and he directed the streaming movie Artemis Fowl, one of its best kids movies.

The only issue is, regardless of how much Disney is a fan of his best movies, he’s not making a Gargoyles feature for them, according to the franchise’s creator Greg Weisman.

Greg Weisman's tweet

Weisman doused the tale in ice-cold water on Twitter, saying “I’m thinking… that it’s flat-out not true” when asked by a fan what his thoughts on the report were.

Weisman, who also writes and produces comic titles and cartoons such as the DC Animated Universe‘s Young Justice and Star Wars: Rebels, also retweeted a post made by another individual about the “clickbait” story making the rounds, which you can see below.

Gargoyles ran for three seasons in the 90s. While it wasn’t touted as one of the best animated series at the time, it has built a following in the decades since earning it somewhat of a cult status. In 2011, Disney picked G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra writers David Elliot and Paul Lovett to pen a Gargoyles movie, but nothing came of it. In 2018, horror director Jordan Peele pitched a version that also never got off the ground.

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You can currently watch all of Gargoyles on Disney Plus, and you can sign up using our link below.

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