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Taylor Sheridan was in Star Trek long before Yellowstone, yes really

Beam me up, John Dutton. Taylor Sheridan might the mastermind behind Yellowstone, but he once played a role in one of the best sci-fi series of all time.

Taylor Sheridan was in Star Trek long before Yellowstone, yes really: Taylor Sheridan and the Star Trek bridge

Good lord, our boy has done it again! It’s no secret that aside from creating an expansive small screen universe, Taylor Sheridan has also had his fair share of acting roles, too. Taylor Sheridan even appears in his own creations, too, with frequent cameos across every Yellowstone series.

In fact, Sheridan originally started out in the industry as an actor. “The plan was always to become a big movie star, then move back to a ranch and just do movies with Martin Scorsese when I felt like it. But that wasn’t my path,” Sheridan himself has said [via The Hollywood Reporter].

But aside from creating roles for himself in the best drama series to hit our screens for years, the Yellowstone creator also previously appeared in several projects. None, perhaps, quite as big as the Star Trek series he was eventually cast in. Yes, you read that right. This millionaire cowboy once roamed the halls of a starship.

You’re probably trying to flick through the galactic roladex in your mind to think where you might have seen him, right? Was it in the original series, one of the best sci-fi series ever made? Or was he in one of the 2000s movies? Well, you’d be wrong on both counts.

Sheridan actually had a guest role on Star Trek: Enterprise. It was in the third season, in the episode ‘Chosen Realm’. He played Jareb, a Triannon and a member of a religious zealot group led by Pri’Nam D’Jamat. (You can see him in the deleted scene below, as the Triannon standing in the middle.)

YouTube Thumbnail

If you need reminding, the Triannons were a humanoid species who hailed from planet Triannon. Their tech was pretty subpar compared to that of Starfleet. They didn’t even have transporters. They were very occupied with the idea of ‘Makers’, their version of gods who created the Delphic Expanse spheres.

“Tell me more about Jareb! Tell me more about our boy!” I hear you cry. Well, Jareb was part of D’Jamat’s takeover of Enterprise NX-01 in the episode, since they were trying to use it in their religious war. He took over the space station, but was eventually defeated in a firefight on the bridge.

Taylor Sheridan in Star Trek Enterprise

Sheridan only appeared in one episode, and it might have been hard to recognize him while wearing prosthetics made to look like a Star Trek alien. But if you look close enough at those incapacitating blue eyes…you’ll know it’s him.

That said, if you’re a sworn-in Star Trek (and Yellowstone) fan and you’re still wondering how you could have missed him, then you’d be forgiven. He’s actually credited as Tayler Sheridan in the episode.

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