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Taylor Sheridan’s plans for Yellowstone season 6 were ridiculous

Yellowstone is coming to an end with the next batch of episodes, and that may be a good thing as Taylor Sheridan really needs to be stopped.

Taylor Sheridan as Travis in Yellowstone

I’ll preface this by saying I’m a massive fan of Taylor Sheridan and his work on both the big and small screen. However, his plans for Yellowstone season 6 have emerged, and let’s just say I’m kind of glad we’ll never see them come to fruition.

On the one hand, I’m gutted that Yellowstone will come to an end next year with Yellowstone season 5 part 2. Still, maybe it’s a good thing Taylor Sheridan is being forced to bring the Yellowstone timeline to an end because the man just cannot help himself in setting up wild storylines.

It turns out that if season 6 had gone ahead, we’d have seen a new member of the Yellowstone cast playing a long-lost Dutton child. Musician Cory Asbury revealed all about his planned role in the show: “I was supposed to be Kayce’s long-lost brother,” he told Taste of Country. “I was fired up about it and so bummed when it was canceled.”

The Dutton family tree is already fairly confusing as it is, with multiple generations reaching back through a number of spin-offs from the best drama series around. That’s not to mention the fact John Dutton has adopted son Jamie to deal with, too, so he definitely has his hands full at this point.

You have to feel for Asbury, though. Not only is he now missing out on a role in one of the biggest and best TV series, but he had planned a whole new life for his family, too. “We were gonna move to Montana for a full year. We were ready,” he said. And now, because Kevin Costner’s had enough of the show, we are all losing out on this wacky plot twist!

Honestly, though, this wild idea to throw another random Dutton sibling into the fray is so typical of Sheridan’s worst habits as a writer. I’ve lost count of the number of times he’s started a storyline in Yellowstone, and then completely given up on it (we still need a conclusion to those damn dinosaur bones). The fact he thought he’d be able to introduce a brand new Yellowstone character in season 6 and have their arc resolved by the end is simply ludicrous.

If we’ve learned one thing about a Taylor Sheridan TV series, though, it’s that this would’ve been good fun. I like to think that Cory Asbury’s character would have shown up in the wake of John Dutton‘s death, and there’d be a huge commotion between all his children fighting over their inheritance and the control of the ranch. Let’s be honest, though, Beth Dutton wins that fight every time.

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While Asbury may not be appearing in the main timeline of the show, there are still plenty of spin-offs he could join forces with Sheridan on: check out our guides to the Yellowstone 1944 release date, the Yellowstone 6666 release date, and the Yellowstone 1923 season 2 release date for more on those avenues. Sticking with the central story, here are five questions Yellowstone season 5 needs to answer.