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Disney’s new movie nearly ruined parents’ lives for hilarious reason

Families all over the world have just escaped one of the most famous Disney songs, but the studio's new movie Haunted Mansion almost brought it right back.

Haunted Mansion almost used a song from Frozen

Haunted Mansion is one of Disney’s biggest plays during this summer blockbuster season. Now in cinemas after its July 28 release date, Haunted Mansion is an eager attempt by the studio to turn one of its theme park rides into the biggest new movie for families this summer. After all, the best Disney movies are truly box office dynamite.

But there was one scene in Disney‘s latest adventure that came within a whisker of driving parents the world over into a state of pure, unfettered rage. It has been a decade since Frozen, and four years since Frozen II, so parents are just managing to phase ‘Let It Go’ out of their lives.

However, Haunted Mansion almost included a performance of the famous track, which would have sent one of the best Disney songs right into the lives of exhausted parents once again. Listening to it once is great, but a hundred times a day is less brilliant. Nobody wants to build a snowman after that.

There’s a scene in the movie in which Dan Levy and Winona Ryder cameo as tour guides for a different haunted manor, with Levy singing a version of the classic Disney theme park song ‘It’s a Small World’. But it was nearly Frozen, according to director Justin Simien in Entertainment Weekly.

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“I was just obsessed with putting as many Disney Easter eggs as possible, because I’m a nerd,” he said. “There was a second I was trying to convince them to let us do ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen, but a megamix version. I tried a couple of things in there, but [It’s a Small World] was the one everybody could agree with and made you smile in the right way.”

A lucky reprieve then, for parents. You might be free of the tyranny of Elsa for just a little longer, provided you avoid all of those Disney playlists on Spotify.

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