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Does Haunted Mansion have a post-credits scene?

If you're wondering about spooky teasers, here is our spoiler-free guide breaking down if Disney's new Haunted Mansion movie has any post-credits scenes.

Haunted Mansion post-credits: the cast of the new Haunted Mansion movie looking into a blue glowing crystal ball

Does Haunted Mansion have a post-credits scene? It may not be Halloween just yet, but that doesn’t mean that Disney isn’t up for giving us a good old scare. That’s right, the new movie, Haunted Mansion, is finally here, and fans want to know if there are any after-credit teasers in the fresh ghoul adventure.

Haunted Mansion is officially out in US cinemas and will hit UK audiences in August. And it’s a good thing, too, considering how many fans suspect it will be one of the best Disney movies released in recent years. (You can take a look at what we thought of the movie and its cast in our Haunted Mansion review.) But let’s be honest, it’s 2023, and when we go to the cinema, the story of a film isn’t the only thing we’re after; we need to know if there is a teaser after the credits begin to roll too.

So, with that in mind, we’ve haunted the halls of Disney and have conjured up a spoiler-free guide answering the big question: does Haunted Mansion have a post-credit scene? So, strap in for a ghostly good time, friends, and happy reading!

Does Haunted Mansion have a post-credits scene?

Good news, folks! There is no post-credit scene in the new Haunted Mansion movie. However, you may want to stick around for the credits themselves since they begin with a fun scene of ghosts dancing in the spooky mansion.

With no post-credit scenes, Haunted Mansion follows in the footsteps of the original Eddie Murphy movie, The Haunted Mansion, which also didn’t have any teasers. Disney also seems to be starting a new trend of pulling back on post-credit scenes in all its new movies. Indiana Jones 5 didn’t have a post-credit scene, and neither did the new live-action Little Mermaid.

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So with Haunted Mansion ending with no teasers, is this the beginning of the death of post-credits altogether? Let’s be honest; we may still see some in upcoming Marvel movies, but they do seem to be pretty rare these days. No post-credit scenes also doesn’t mean that we won’t hear any news on a potential Haunted Mansion 2 release date either. Disney has confirmed Jungle Cruise 2, so fingers crossed we see these goofy specters back on our screens soon.

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