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Does Ted get back with his wife at the end of Ted Lasso?

Ted Lasso began with the coach giving his wife Michelle space by coaching a UK football team. Now that's all done, you might expect them to get back together.

Michelle Lasso, Ted's wife, in Ted Lasso

Does Ted get back with his wife at the end of Ted Lasso? Warning spoilers ahead! We can’t believe we’re typing these words, but the best Apple TV series (this is a fact, sorry, everyone), Ted Lasso, has finally come to an end, and we now know how everyone’s story wraps up.

Unsurprisngly, as this is Ted Lasso, most of the Ted Lasso cast get their happy ending. Rebecca ends up meeting up with the mysterious Dutchman, Roy becomes Richmond’s manager, and Rupert gets called a wanker. Basically, Ted Lasso season 3 episode 12 gave us everything we wanted.

So does our mustachioed coach get his happy ending? He left Kansas originally because his wife Michelle needed space. Now she’s had that. Is she ready to give things another go? Does Ted get back with his wife at the end of Ted Lasso?

Does Ted get back with his wife at the end of Ted Lasso?

No, Ted doesn’t get back with Michelle at the end of Ted Lasso. While he does move back home to be closer to his son and ex-wife, it’s well established at this point that while Ted and Michelle love each other, they no longer have romantic feelings for each other.

A lesser show would probably have had the couple reunite, but that’s not what Ted Lasso is about. This is a show about making incremental progress and slowly improving over time. To have Ted’s relationship woes solved by his moving back home would do a disservice to everything the series embodied.

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