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Is the Super Mario movie streaming? How to watch new animated movie

The Super Mario movie has been a monster global hit, so here's what we know about the new movie's streaming service future on Netflix, Prime Video, and others.

The Super Mario movie features a sequence for Mario Kart fans

Is the Super Mario movie streaming? Mario fans around the world are ‘Wahoo!’-ing with excitement in the wake of the new Super Mario movie, and its enormous success at the worldwide box office.

Super Mario made a return to the big screen and, thankfully, they got it right this time. The new movie from Despicable Me animators Illumination has taken the world by storm since the Super Mario movie release date raced down the Rainbow Road. It saw iconic video game characters facing off, as Mario and Princess Peach launched an attempt to rescue Luigi from the clutches of Bowser.

Needless to say, fun and comedy are delivered in abundance in one of the best animated movies of 2023 so far. So fans of Mario will want to catch the movie as soon as possible. Here’s what you need to know about how to watch the Super Mario movie, including which of the best streaming services you can use.

Where can I watch the Super Mario movie?

The Super Mario movie is currently still in some cinemas, and is available to rent or buy on digital platforms.

You have a few different options when it comes to experiencing one of the year’s best family movies. It’s still out there in multiplexes for those who fancy the big screen experience, but it’s also available to rent or buy on digital platforms including Apple, Amazon, and Google Play.

In the US, most platforms are charging $24.99 for a rental and $29.99 to buy in 4K quality. Over in the UK, it’s usually £15.99 to rent and £19.99 to buy and keep your digital copy.

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Is the Super Mario movie streaming?

You can stream the Super Mario movie on many of the major platforms, but it’s only available to buy or rent.

You can already get hold of the Super Mario movie on digital platforms including Amazon, Apple, and Google Play on both sides of the Atlantic. Let those repeat viewings commence, as you fall in love with the Super Mario Bros movie cast all over again.

Is the Super Mario movie on Netflix?

No, the Super Mario movie is not on Netflix, but we think it might end up there at some point. We’ll keep an eye on the Netflix catalogues and let you know if anything changes.

Bowser in the new Super Mario movie

Is the Super Mario movie on Disney Plus?

The Super Mario movie is not on Disney Plus, and we’d be surprised if that changes. Disney tends to focus on movies that it had a hand in making, and the Super Mario movie was an Illumination/Universal project.

Is the Super Mario movie on Prime Video?

Yes, you can rent or buy the Super Mario movie via Prime Video. This costs at least $24.99 in the USA and £15.99 in the UK. The movie is not currently available to stream for free as part of a subscription package.

Is the Super Mario movie on Blu-ray?

Sorry physical media fans! The Super Mario movie isn’t on Blu-ray just yet, though we expect to see it this summer.

It usually takes a couple of months for movies to make their way over to DVD and Blu-ray, but we’d expect you to be able to get hold of the Super Mario movie in time to watch it with the kids over and over again during summer vacation this year.

Princess Peach and Mario talk in the Super Mario Brothers movie

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