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Succession season 4 - Who is the new CEO of Waystar?

The fight for the company is over in Succession season 4, and after plenty of backstabbing and games, we're here to tell you who the new CEO of Waystar is.

Succession season 4: Who is the new CEO of Waystar?: The cast of Succession

Who is the new CEO of Waystar? Well, that was a ride. And honestly, how could we have expected it to go any different? The Roys were always going to butt heads, no matter how much they thought they were on each other’s sides.

And now, Waystar is beginning a new era with a fresh CEO. But in all the confusion and panic in the Succession finale, fans of the drama series might need a little clarification on which Succession character took home the crown.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered on everything you need to know, including an answer to the question: Who is the new CEO of Waystar? Read on to find out who finally won.

Who is the new CEO of Waystar?

After a bumpy shareholder meeting and some secretive talks, Tom Wambsgans is the new CEO of Waystar Royco following the GoJo deal.

Wouldn’t you believe it? King Snake himself is exactly where he’s always wanted to be: in Logan Roy’s shoes. Looks like years of eating chicken and climbing his way up to the top finally paid off in the final ever Succession episode.

After worrying about the sustainability of his job the entire season (in anticipation of a mass clear-out following the GoJo deal), Tom was roped into a talk with GoJo founder, Lukas Matsson. Until this point, it seemed like Shiv was all set to go as the new upcoming CEO for Waystar after volleying with Matsson all season, but that’s not exactly where things went.

Succession season 4 - Who is the new CEO of Waystar?: Matthew Macfadyen as Tom in Succession

After some pretty sexist self-explanations from Matsson to justify abandoning Shiv, he posed the CEO offer to Tom. The optics made sense: Tom would be an apt US CEO, with experience in the company to boot. Plus, Tom would be easy to manipulate under any circumstances.

While Shiv didn’t know about this betrayal at first, things came to light when Tom confessed all to her at Logan Roy’s home, leading to the blood-thirsty revenge-seeking Shiv storming off and declaring war.

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Unfortunately, true to form, the Roy siblings fell apart at the last hurdle, meaning the board voted to sell to GoJo, making Tom the new CEO of the company.

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