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Succession – how did Logan’s sister die?

Succession just revealed a mystery, and we are here to break it down. Here we unpack to latest news from the TV series and explain how Logan's sister died.

Succession: Brian Cox as Logan Roy in Succession

How did Logan Roy’s sister die in Succession? Some of the biggest mysteries in succession have revolved around Logan Roy’s past. The journey to his rise to mass wealth is a murky timeline, and throughout the hit TV series, we have heard snippets about his turbulent childhood. However, thanks to the show’s latest episode, we finally know the answer to one of the greatest enigmas in the series – Rose Roy.

If you need a Succession recap, Rose Roy is the deceased sister of Logan, whose death has always been a touchy subject and largely unknown. For a couple of seasons, fans of the best TV series around have known only two things about the mysterious Succession character: one, that she died young, and two, that Logan blames himself for her death. But thanks to Succession season 4 episode 9, we now know what exactly befell poor Rose Roy back in the day. Warning, spoilers ahead!

Things are about to get heavy, folks, so brace yourselves. Here we go over what was revealed during Ewan Roy’s speech at Logan’s funeral and explain how Logan’s sister died.

How did Logan’s sister die?

In Succession season 4, episode 9, we learn that Rose Roy died from Polio when she was a child. For those unfamiliar with viruses, Polio or poliomyelitis is a life-threatening disease that can infect a person’s spinal cord and leave them in a state of paralysis. A small portion of people can also develop Meningitis depending on the virus type.

While we never learn which variant Rose had, we know Logan blamed himself for her death. During his funeral, Logan’s brother Ewan revealed that Logan was sick as a child and believed that his illness was spread to his sister. Polio is spread from person to person, so technically, there is a chance that Logan’s hunch was right – but considering he was a child then, it seems like a pretty heavy burden to carry around with him.

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Rose has been a series-long enigma in Succession, and her story turned out to be a tragic one. It also puts into perspective perhaps why Logan was so distant from his family – as he was probably haunted by guilt and didn’t want to get too close to loved ones again.

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