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Brian Cox reveals why he hasn’t watched his Succession death scene

He played one of the best Succession characters for four seasons, but Brian Cox still hasn't been able to watch Logan Roy's death in Succession season 4.

Brian Cox hasn't watched his death scene in Succession season 4

It’s a big day for Succession fans, as creator Jesse Armstrong is set to bring down the curtain on Succession for good. The Succession season 4 episode 10 release date marks the final installment of one of the best TV series ever made, with the power struggle of the super-rich Roy clan set to reach some sort of conclusion in the wake of patriarch Logan Roy’s death.

We’ve had a go at answering the question of ‘how will Succession end?‘, but it’s only Armstrong, his team, and the Succession cast who actually know how the best drama series of recent years will play out.

As for series leading man Brian Cox, he still hasn’t watched the scene in which he dies. In Succession 4 episode 3, the show threw the curveball to end all curveballs when it killed off the boss of Waystar Royco.

Cox told the BBC: “It was a great scene. That’s why I didn’t watch it, because I have no interest in watching. My own death will come soon enough. But I just thought ‘wow’, you know, he did it brilliantly. It was a brilliant scene, the whole act.”

The star wasn’t totally on board with saying goodbye to one of the best Succession characters so soon, though, and admitted he thought Logan’s death came “ultimately too early”.

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He added: “It was an odd feeling. I looked on it, wrongly, as a form of rejection. I was fine with it ultimately, but I did feel a little bit rejected. I felt a little bit: ‘Oh, all the work I’ve done. And finally I’m going to end up as a New Yorker on a carpet of a plane’.”

Whatever Cox thinks, there’s no denying that the death of Logan Roy has pushed Succession to new heights of acclaim during its final season. Just try telling anyone that this isn’t one of the best things on TV.

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