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Star Wars actor Rosario Dawson got Ahsoka role because of this tweet

Rosario Dawson will play one of the best Star Wars characters again in the Disney Plus series Ahsoka. It turns out Twitter was pivotal in her getting the role.

Rosario Dawson got her Ahsoka role in Star Wars because of Twitter

Rosario Dawson will get the chance to lead her own Star Wars series later this summer, when Ahsoka debuts on Disney Plus. It’s a big moment for Dawson, and a big moment for Star Wars fans. But it all started with a tweet.

Ahsoka Tano is many fans’ top choice for a list of the best Star Wars characters, debuting in 2008 movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars and serving as one of the protagonists of the best animated series in the Star Wars world, The Clone Wars and Rebels. Ashley Eckstein provided Ahsoka’s voice in those series.

In 2017, Dawson replied to a tweet about some Ahsoka Tano fan art and a suggestion that she should play the role in live-action with the words “yes please”.

Rosario Dawson manifested her Star Wars role in a tweet

It took more than three years for this act of manifestation to bear fruit, but the new issue of Empire Magazine reports that the tweet got back to Ahsoka’s creator, Dave Filoni, and led to a meeting. Dawson eventually played Anakin Skywalker‘s former Padawan in the second season of The Mandalorian.

Now, with the Ahsoka release date in the diary for August 2023, Dawson is set to take center stage and become the lead in what could be the best TV series of the year. The show is set to follow the on-off Jedi, as well as live-action versions of her friends from Rebels.

In Empire, Dawson recalled how she felt the first time she first became Ahsoka for real. “I have pictures of me jumping up and down and freaking out, and then trying to play it cool when I was first [doing costume] fitting for the character.”

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