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Lizzo’s cameo in The Mandalorian explained - who is The Dutchess?

The new episode of The Mandalorian featured a major cameo from global pop star Lizzo, and here's what you need to know about her Star Wars character and more.

Lizzo in The Mandalorian

Lizzo’s Mandalorian cameo explained. The new episode of The Mandalorian was packed full of cameos, with three in particular standing out above the rest. One of those was from none other than global mega-star Lizzo.

Alongside Jack Black and Christopher Lloyd (as Captain Bombardier and Commissioner Helgait), Lizzo joined the cast of The Mandalorian characters, bringing all the personality and gravitas you’d expect.

As the co-ruler of Plazir-15 with her husband Captain Bombardier, Lizzo’s character was important in driving the plot of the episode forward as she tasked Din Djarin and Bo-Katan with sorting out Plazir-15’s violent droid problem. But what else do we know about Lizzo’s cameo in The Mandalorian?

Lizzo’s Mandalorian cameo explained

Lizzo made her Star Wars cameo as the generous and wise Duchess of Plazir-15. Alongside Jack Black’s new Star Wars character Captain Bombardier, she is the ruler of the planet through ancestral rights, which were recently supported by a democratic election.

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Under her rule, the planet Plazir-15 is depicted as something of a utopia, where its citizens are free to live a fulfilled life while droids see to the everyday functioning.

Lizzo’s The Duchess explains that the planet is protected by a group of Mandalorians, who turn out to be Bo-Katan’s old group led by a new leader: Axe Woves.

After Din Djarin and Bo-Katan establish what’s gone wrong with the Star Wars droids, Lizzo’s The Duchess gives Baby Yoda a knighthood and explains that she’s now open to a relationship between Plazir-15 and Mandalore and will lobby the New Republic for Mandalore’s needs.

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