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Christopher Nolan reveals if he’d do Star Wars, and it’s not “no”

Christopher Nolan has answered the question of whether he'll ever make a Star Wars movie, and it's not totally off the table for the Oppenheimer director.

Christopher Nolan directing Tenet

As we enter a new era of Star Wars post-The Rise of Skywalker, there’s ample opportunity for an influx of directors to take on Star Wars movies. One of the people film fans will be most interested to hear from is Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan.

Nolan has had a steady stream of new movies over the last decade, and what makes him one of the best directors of all time in our eyes is how he can make blockbuster spectacles without compromising on his vision or filmmaking tenets: practical effects wherever possible, a majestic touch, and an operatic flair to even his most silly-sounding concepts.

But is he right for Disney‘s new Star Wars movies? More importantly, would he even be interested? Nolan was asked about the prospect in an interview.

In a quickfire round of questions, Nolan had the opportunity to answer or pass on queries, and when he was asked if he would like to make a Star Wars movie, the director of some of the best superhero movies ever made said “Pass.”

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Not a “No”, but that perhaps has more to do with not wanting to ruffle the feathers of fans of the sci-fi franchise (or the studio) than his actual desire to dip his toes into a galaxy far, far away.

Nolan isn’t a total stranger to franchise work: he was behind a couple of DC’s best movies  — notably The Dark Knight. Yet despite his work often emulating the good parts of science-fiction blockbusters attached to IP, he has otherwise stayed away from directing franchise films.

In the same interview, Nolan said he unequivocally is not interested in doing any more superhero capers after his Batman trilogy. We can’t blame him; so many unique directors go through the tent-pole mill and come out the other side helming projects that compromise on both their unique vision and what die-hard franchise fans want. Nolan isn’t a director who has to beg for work, so he does not need to put in a shift somewhere he doesn’t want to be.

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