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George Lucas really didn’t enjoy making the best Star Wars movie

Star Wars creator George Lucas found no joy in making the best science fiction movie in the original trilogy. Like the Jedi Knights, he can be hard to please.

Star Wars Yoda in empire strikes back

George Lucas really didn’t enjoy directing the first ever Star Wars movie, A New Hope. In fact, he found the making of the Star Wars universe in one of the best science fiction movies ever so stressful that he was diagnosed with hypertension and exhaustion, and was told that he had to stop for the sake of his health.

As it turns out, even though he didn’t direct the best movie in the Star Wars series, The Empire Strikes Back, he didn’t find it much more enjoyable. Maybe he’s just a man who’s difficult to please.

Speaking with StarWars.com while reflecting on Empire, one of the best movies ever made, Lucas elaborated on his feelings toward it. “It wasn’t the most fun movie to make,” the filmmaker started, setting the tone.

He continued, “But it was definitely a rewarding film. It turned out well. I learned some things. I thought I could let somebody else direct the movie and still run a company and I realized that wasn’t gonna be possible. So I put the company aside and stayed there with [Irvin] Kershner helping him.”

As Lucas points out, he stepped out of the director’s chair for Empire in order to spend more time focussing on running Lucasfilm and his visual effects company ILM. However, that didn’t go to plan and Lucas ended up spending a lot of time working with the director Irvin Kershner on set still. So Lucas’ plan to take a back seat was ruined, and he didn’t get to direct. The worst of both worlds.

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The question then becomes: did George Lucas ever enjoy making Star Wars? The director has been candid in interviews that he fundamentally doesn’t enjoy directing, and he’s compared it to fighting in a brutal boxing match.

“I hate directing,” he said in 1980, speaking with Rolling Stone. “It’s like fighting a 15-round heavyweight bout with a new opponent every day. You go to work knowing just how you want a scene to be, but by the end of the day, you’re usually depressed because you didn’t do a good enough job.” Ouch.

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