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Star Wars: Andor series reportedly coming to Disney Plus in August

The huge Star Wars universe is expanding even further this year, with the Star Wars: Andor series reportedly set to arrive on Disney Plus in August

Star Wars Andor set to arrive on Disney Plus in August

While we may not be getting any more Star Wars movies for a while – which might be a blessing in disguise after the disastrous Rise of Skywalker – we are getting an unfathomable amount of Star Wars TV series thanks to Disney Plus. And now, it’s looking like the Star Wars: Andor series will be dropping on the streaming service this August.

With the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series taking the limelight right now, and the persistent popularity of The Mandalorian, it’s easy to forget about the Rogue One spin-off series, but Star Wars: Andor is really not that far away now. The series will feature Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna, and will also see Forrest Whittaker and Ben Mendelsohn reprise their roles from the science fiction movie.

According to Bespin Bulletin, Star Wars: Andor may be set to premiere on Disney Plus in August 2022. This would make sense, given that the Ms. Marvel series arrives on June 8, meaning Andor would be the next project in line.

Star Wars: Andor is planned as a 12 episode series for the first season. With a huge budget and lots of practical sets being constructed, Disney clearly has high hopes for the series, and has even greenlit a season 2 already.

Plot details for the first series are currently unknown, and it remains to be seen how big a role Whittaker and Mendelsohn will play, too. Will Director Krennic be the big bad of the series? Or will we be introduced to another villainous Star Wars character?

Updates will surely be coming thick and fast as we edge closer to the summer months, and it is exciting to know that this series is finally on the horizon after multiple delays.