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Star Trek Picard season 3 - is Vadic a Changeling?

Star Trek Picard season 3's latest episode brought plenty of big moments and reveals, and might have suggested that Vadic is a Changeling.

Star Trek picard season 3 - is Vadic a Changeling? Amanda Plummer as Vadic

Is Vadic a Changeling in Star Trek Picard season 3? Every story needs a good villain, and in the newest season of Star Trek Picard audiences have been presented with the evil, formidable Vadic.

Vadic is the mysterious antagonist of Star Trek Picard season 3. She captains the terrifying new starship the Shrike, which hunted down Beverly and Jack Crusher, and now hunts down the USS Titan and Captain Shaw. Played by Amanda Plummer (who’s father played a Star Trek movie villain) she has willing fighters at her back and an array of weapons at her disposal including a portal weapon.

In this week’s latest episode of the Star Trek series, Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 4, audiences got a closer look at her and her links to the Changelings. In one scene, she spoke to a Changeling who told her to recover the USS Titan from the nebula, despite the danger. But is Vadic a Changeling?

Is Vadic a Changeling?

It hasn’t been explicitly confirmed, but it appears that Vadic is a Changeling in Star Trek Picard season 3. In one scene in the latest episode, she took a knife and cut her hand and Changeling goo (there’s no other word really) came out from it, before turning into a Changeling’s face.

In all likelihood, this means that Vadic is part of the new Changeling collective, where each of the individuals are connected to each other through some form of Great Link.

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The alternative option (which would admittedly be more weird) is that Vadic is not a Changeling, but she’s carrying a Changeling on her who can give her commands. But, as we say, that would be kinda weird, and it’s much more likely that Vadic is some form of Changeling.

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