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Gorn Hunter and Destroyer ships in Strange New Worlds explained

Check out our complete explainer on the Gorn starships, focussing on the Hunter and Destroyer type vessels as seen in Star Trek Strange New Worlds season 2.

Gorn ships explained - Gorn hatchling with destroyer ship behind

Find out everything you need to know about the fearsome Gorn Hunter ships, and Gorn Destroyer ships, after their latest appearance in the Star Trek Strange New Worlds season 2 finale. This article contains spoilers for Strange New Worlds season 2 episode 10.

Star Trek’s Gorn are back, and they mean business. In the latest Strange New Worlds Star Trek series finale, the Gorn are once again proving themselves to be formidable opponents after they appeared as antagonists in season 1. This time, the USS Enterprise collides with the Gorn after an attack by the aliens on the planet Karnasus Beta. The attack leads to the destruction of the USS Cayuga, the death of most of its crew, and puts the Star Trek captain Marie Batel in danger of death.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Gorn, aside from their new design, is their imposing starships. Here, we breakdown the two types of Gorn starship seen so far: the Hunter, and the Destroyer.

Gorn Hunter ships explained

Gorn Hunter ships are small, nimble war ships which are used by the Gorn Hegemony to attack their prey. The Gorn Hunter ships are powerful and fast, and are often deployed in groups of three to take down bigger ships.

Gorn hunter ship in Strange New Worlds

Capable of rapid fire and precision flying, the Hunter ships are like a swarm of wasps and are highly offensive. In the Strange New Worlds episode Memento Mori the Gorn Hunter ships almost destroy Pike’s Enterprise, and prove to be equally aggressive in the season 2 finale Hegemony. In fact, it seems as though it’s the Gorn Hunter ships which destroyed Captain Batel’s Constitution-class ship the USS Cayuga, proving their ability in combat.

Gorn destroyer ship in Strange New Worlds

Gorn Destroyer ships explained

Gorn Destroyer ships are much larger, slower vessels which aren’t solely designed for offense. Larger than a Constitution-class ship, the Gorn Destroyers are an usual claw-like shape armed with powerful plasma weapons.

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The Gorn Destroyer ships can also deploy massive beacons on the surface of planets. These beacons can track passing by ships, and also disrupt sensors. They prevent any communication from leaving or reaching the planet, stop sensors from picking up life-signs, and block transporters from beaming people on or off the planet.

In the Strange New Worlds season 2 finale, Pike’s away team is only able to rescue Captain Batel by landing a shuttle on the surface of the planet, and beaming up after the destruction of the beacon. Doing so allows for the crew to go undetected by the Gorn Destroyer ship. At least, temporarily.

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