Outer Range season 2 release date speculation, cast, story, and more

Here's everything we know about the Outer Range season 2 release date, including what's in store for Josh Brolin and the rest of the Abbott family

Outer Range season 2 release date: Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott

What is the Outer Range season 2 release date? It’s not often you see Josh Brolin on the small screen, but he leads the Prime Video TV series Outer Range, and he should be back for more with season 2. If you enjoyed the first season of Outer Range, we’ve gathered all the details we can about the prospective follow-up to the hit Neo-Western series.

MCU actor Brolin is renowned for his work in film, having destroyed half the universe as his MCU character Thanos, as well as starring in the Western movie No Country For Old Men, and more recently the epic science fiction movie Dune. But, he has taken some time away from the silver screen to star in this streaming service gem, playing Royal Abbott in the drama series.

So, when can we expect to head back to Wyoming for more Abbott family drama? Here’s everything you need to know about the Outer Range season 2 release date, as well as what might be in store for Brolin and his clan, and who will return for the next season.

Outer Range season 2 release date speculation

At the time of writing in March 2023, Amazon has not yet confirmed the Outer Range season 2 release date. Amazon only confirmed the sci-fi series was returning earlier in October 2022.

The first season of Outer Range was received pretty well among critics and audiences, so we wouldn’t expect Outer Range season 2 to arrive any earlier than 2024 at this stage.

Even star Josh Brolin is wondering what’s going on with Outer Range season 2. The actor posted a poem on his Instagram about his experience on the show before prompting fans to support the campaign for a second season.

“The hole we weathered through thick and thin, and in the hole we floated through din and more din. It was the hole that brought us together from all walks of life, and it was the hole that hit the nerve of all that country strife. Now, the days of the hole have just begun, the Abbott’s spiral into existential fun. But the next cluster’s mess in a hole it might be, so watch Season 1 and help pull out Season 2 with me,” Brolin wrote.

Outer Range season 2 release date: Josh Brolin as Royal Abbott in Outer Range season 1

Outer Range season 2 plot speculation

After eight episodes of this Western/quasi horror series, there’s still so much more to learn about the mysterious hole on the Abbott ranch and the strange things happening in Wabang, Wyoming. We expect Outer Range season 2 will further explore the origins of the hole and its links to the very fabric of space and time.

The most shocking twist in the final episode of season 1 revealed Autumn (Imogen Poots) was actually Perry’s daughter and Royal’s granddaughter Amy. This mind-blowing turn of events needs further explanation, though, and we’re sure the answers to how Amy has seemingly travelled back in time will come to the surface in season 2.

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They are the big plot points that need resolving going into Outer Range season 2, but if it’s anything like season 1 there are bounds to be lots more murder and violence to come, with a few more mysteries sprinkled in for good measure.

Outer Range season 2 release date: Imogen Poots as Autumn in Outer Range

Outer Range season 2 cast speculation

If there is more to come from Outer Range, you can bet that Josh Brolin will be back to play Royal Abbott. The actor has publicly spoken of his desire to make a second season, and as the star of the show, it would be strange if he didn’t return.

Alongside him, we anticipate Imogen Poots will reprise her role as Autumn (though she may go by the name Amy in season 2). Lili Taylor should be back as Cecilia Abbott too.

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It remains to be seen whether Perry (Tom Pelphrey) will return. The last time we saw him, he was stricken with grief and disappeared into the hole. But as we know, those who enter the hole are never truly gone.

That’s all we know about Outer Range season 2, but we will keep our ears to the ground and update you with any developments as they arise. In the meantime, watch out for holes in the ground, and check out our guide to another Prime Video favourite with the latest on the Outlander season 7 release date.

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