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Cillian Murphy really thinks Oppenheimer will mess us up, we’re ready

The Oppenheimer release date is almost upon us, and leading man Cillian Murphy reckons the new Christopher Nolan movie will have a big impact on audiences.

Cillian Murphy plays the title character in Christopher Nolan movie Oppenheimer

We’re expecting big things from Oppenheimer this summer. Oppenheimer is a Christopher Nolan joint, and the director’s new movies are always worthy of keeping a special eye on. This time, it’s a historical biopic, but we know it will be anything but conventional.

The best Christopher Nolan movies are time-twisting, mind-bending delights and, based on a new interview with Cillian Murphy ahead of the Oppenheimer release date, the movie is going to take the biopic formula and shred it into tiny pieces.

Murphy told The Guardian that, even though he doesn’t enjoy watching his best movies, he was very proud when he got the chance to see what Nolan had achieved with Oppenheimer.

He said: “It’s an extraordinary piece of work. Very provocative and powerful. It feels sometimes like a biopic, sometimes like a thriller, sometimes like a horror. It’s going to knock people out. What [Nolan] does with film, it fucks you up a little bit.”

Promises, promises. We can’t wait to see what Nolan’s genre-bending instincts have done with the life of one of history’s most controversial figures.

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Much of Oppenheimer remains shrouded in secrecy, even just a few weeks out from the release. But this is a Nolan movie, and he doesn’t need marketing. If he has made a movie, it’s an event, and we’ll be ready and waiting on that opening weekend.

After all, the Barbenheimer double bill – the Barbie movie release date is set for the same day – could well be the highlight of the summer. We’ll be there, dressed in a suit with pink gear underneath. It’s the way it should be.

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