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Mission Impossible is just like Wallace and Gromit, for this reason

Simon Pegg has been a part of the Mission Impossible cast for years, and he thinks the best action movies have a lot in common with Wallace and Gromit comedies.

Mission Impossible is a bit like Wallace and Gromit, apparently

There’s a new Mission Impossible movie in cinemas, and that’s a cause for celebration. We love what Mission Impossible has become in recent years, delivering some of the best action movies of all time and providing a showcase for Tom Cruise and his insatiable death wish.

Simon Pegg joined the franchise with a very brief role in Mission Impossible 3, but has since become a key pillar of the Mission Impossible cast as IMF tech whizz Benji Dunn.

In a new interview with Variety, Pegg explained how the best movies in the series manage to keep topping their predecessors. And the reason has a lot to do with director Christopher McQuarrie, who is no stranger to getting a little bit Wallace and Gromit.

Pegg said: “McQ’s method of filmmaking is like in Wallace and Gromit’s The Wrong Trousers when Gromit is on the top of the train and he’s laying the track in front of the train as it’s moving.”

It might not be the comparison that comes to mind when talking about one of the biggest new movies of the year, but there’s definitely some truth in it based on everything we know from the sets of these films.

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Pegg added: “I think McQ loves to have the story reveal itself to him, and those beautiful little parallels and callbacks aren’t necessarily preordained — they just kind of present themselves. McQ’s really keen to evolve the story in a very organic way and never to cram anything in.

“If it feels right, we’ll do it. If it feels like it’s just fan service or it’s just some kind of tenuous link, which doesn’t quite ring true, then it won’t find its way in.”

So McQuarrie might have the keys to one of the biggest franchises on the planet, but he’s taking his cues from Britain and one of the best animated movies of all time. Maybe they should let Gromit direct the next one?

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