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Mission Impossible 7 just broke a crazy Rotten Tomatoes record

The exciting new movie Mission Impossible 7 just broke this incredible Tom Cruise record on Rotten Tomatoes, and now we're really excited for the action movie.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

Mission Impossible 7 is almost here and we’re so excited we could burst into a ball of flames that sets a dynamite stick off that sends a vehicle off a cliff that Ethan Hunt parachutes off of and… well, you get the idea. That sounds like a Mission Impossible set piece we want to see.

One of the most exciting new movies to premiere this summer, Dead Reckoning marks Tom Cruise‘s seventh outing in one of the best action movie franchises.

The hype was at a boiling point already, but Rotten Tomatoes just upped the ante with a new record: Mission Impossible 7 is now the best Tom Cruise movie, according to the movie’s early reviews. (You can read our Mission Impossible 7 review too if you’d like.)

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If you cruise on over to his Rotten Tomatoes tag, you’ll see his highest-rated movie displayed with a shiny fresh badge. It’s early days, and the score often changes as more people see films, but Dead Reckoning currently has a critic score of 98%.

If you’re unsure of how Rotten Tomatoes aggregates the reviews, the 98% means 98% of the certified critics who have seen the movie and submitted a review published a favorable — not rotten — one.

Lots of fans will argue his best movies are the Top Gun films. What a nice problem for an actor to have. He’s unlikely to be listening to those debates, he’s too busy booking his tickets for the ‘Barbenheimer’ event which he’s said he’s taking part in by watching the two exciting 2023 movies back to back.

We’ve not got long until the Mission Impossible 7 release date, so there is plenty of time to get the 411 in our Hayley Atwell interview and our Pom Klementieff and Vanessa Kirby interview. We also have guides to remind us of the past, with the Mission Impossible cast and the Mission Impossible movies in order. There’s still time for a rewatch before Cruise sprints over the finish line (hint, they’re on Paramount Plus).