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Will Loki and Sylvie end up together in season 2? And should they?

The MCU's most narcissistic romance was sealed with a kiss last season. But with the season 1's fight and them torn apart, Will Loki and Sylvie end up together?

Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie in season 2

Will Loki and Sylvie end up together in season 2? Self-love is really important. If you’re a Loki, it’s maybe the most important thing. At least, it is for Tom Hiddleston’s.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in a bit of a rut, particularly with its Marvel series, but Loki (alongside WandaVision) is considered the peak of the Disney Plus shows so far. It’s not just down to the warm 70s-inspired production design, Hiddleston’s commitment to the character, and the unique music, Sylvie was a credit to season 1.

By the time of the finale, we learned Loki truly had fallen for her, but a disagreement about how to handle He Who Remains left them at odds, and Sylvie kicked him through a time door, which is where Loki season 2 picks up. With all that said, will Loki and Sylvie end up together in season 2? Spoilers for the premiere ahead.

Will Loki and Sylvie end up together in season 2?

Based on last season, we think Loki and Sylvie will fall further for each other in season 2, but we don’t expect them to live happily ever after and end up together in any traditional way.

First of all, season 2 seems to have them separated for an indeterminable amount of time. It’s hard to lay the groundwork when two characters can’t even talk to each other. It’s also likely Loki is a bit more in his feelings than Sylvie, who is less open to being vulnerable than the former is after his development last season.

In that sense, Sylvie reminds us of other versions of Loki we’ve seen, pre-Ragnarok and Marvel’s best TV series. She (and we love this, by the way) is even more unpredictable than he is, proven by how determined she was to kill He Who Remains and destroy the TVA.

Considering how much growing they both still have to do, we foresee them coming to more of an open understanding about their romantic connection but likely not ending up as a couple. Honestly? It’s probably more interesting that way.

Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie in Loki season 2

Does Sylie love Loki back?

While the intensity of Sylvie’s romantic feelings may not extend as far as Loki’s do because she’s more guarded, she clearly shares his sentiment. They did kiss, after all. She might not be In Love… but she does look at him in that light.

Sylvie is only just starting to explore her feelings. She’s been an outcast separated from her life for years, with one mission in mind. While her feelings are growing, she’s got a lot of other things on her mind. She’s very much in her ‘focusing on me’ era, despite the fact her chaotic actions may have altered the course of the biggest upcoming Marvel movies.

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When will Sylvie and Loki reunite in season 2?

Loki will find Sylvie in season 2 working at McDonald’s. We know they will reunite due to trailer footage.

As for where Sylvie is, she’s in Broxton, Oklahoma, in the 80s. From the trailer, we know Loki does eventually find her behind a McDonald’s counter. Whether she will go with Loki is anyone’s guess right now.

In that Loki season 2 episode 1 post-credit scene, we see her look at couples, tables of friends, and the atmosphere of the diner and say she wants to “try everything”, which is a nod to the fact she wants to experience life to the full. To that end, we think she’ll go through a bit of an explorative existential period instead of prioritizing figuring out her situationship with Loki.

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