Secret Invasion release date speculation, cast, plot, trailer and more

Get ready for more of the Skrulls and Nick Fury in the MCU as we breakdown all you need to know about the Secret Invasion release date

Secret Invasion release date: Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury

What is the Secret Invasion release date? The MCU is well known for its secrets, though mainly those secrets relate to stopping its huge cast from dropping major spoilers ahead of each Marvel movie release. Now, with the impending premiere of the new Marvel series on the horizon, we take a look at all things Secret Invasion.

Yet another famous comic book storyline will be brought to life by the Marvel machine as Secret Invasion heads to the streaming service Disney Plus as part of Marvel’s Phase 5. If you’re a fan of Samuel L Jackson and his MCU character Nick Fury, you’re in luck, as he’s set to be the star of this TV series.

So, how long do we have to wait for the Secret Invasion release date? Who else is going to appear in the sci-fi series? And what exactly goes down in this storyline?

Secret Invasion release date speculation

Secret Invasion is set to hit the small screen in early 2023, but Disney has not given an exact release date at this time. 

The series could well be the first Marvel product in Phase 5, with the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special concluding MCU Phase 4. The Ant-Man 3 release date is set for February 2023, and there’s also What If season 2 due for early 2023, so the schedule is pretty crowded. Nevertheless, the nature of Secret Invasion’s story lends itself well to launching the next chapter of Marvel’s journey.

Secret Invasion release date: The Skrull in Captain Marvel

Secret Invasion trailer

There is a Secret Invasion trailer, and you can watch it right here. As you’d expect, the trailer doesn’t give much away, but we get a good look at the key players involved.

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Secret Invasion plot speculation

In the comic books, the Secret Invasion storyline sees our planet invaded by the Skrulls, who had secretly been replacing Earth’s mightiest heroes over the years. We expect the TV show to follow a similar plot.

That comic book arc has Marvel’s Illuminati joining forces to confront the Skrulls in the wake of the Kree-Skrull war. The heroes are captured though, and replaced on Earth by Skrull imposters. In the comics, these heroes include Iron-Man, Mister Fantastic, Namor, Black Bolt, Doctor Strange, and X-Men character Professor Charles Xavier.

Secret Invasion release date: Ben Mendelsohn as Talos in Captain Marvel

We imagine the line-up of characters for the Disney Plus show will be different, naturally. As with most MCU movies and TV shows, there will be some variations to the source material to allow the superhero movie franchise to go in the direction planned out by Kevin Feige.

One thing’s for sure though, the Skrull are going to be all over Earth, infiltrating the planet’s most important strongholds to bring absolute chaos. It will be up to Nick Fury, with his knowledge and relationship with the Skrulls, to stop the invasion.

Secret Invasion release date: Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury

Secret Invasion cast speculation

We know that Samuel L Jackson will lead the line for Secret Invasion, reprising his role as Nick Fury. He will be joined by Ben Mendelsohn, who we’ve seen a few times in the MCU already as one of the main Skrull, Talos.

Marvel stalwart Cobie Smulders will return as Maria Hill, along with MCU regulars Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes and Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross.

Taking their first steps in the MCU will be Emilia Clarke, who has previously starred in Game of Thrones and the Star Wars franchise. Best known for her role as Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen, Clarke is rumoured to be playing a character called Abigail Brand in Secret Invasion. If true, this would make her a mutant.

Secret Invasion will also mark the MCU debut of Academy Award winner Olivia Colman. You may recognise Colman from her work in the comedy series Peep Show, or the Netflix series The Crown. She will be playing a character called Sonya Falsworth in Secret Invasion, believed to be an old friend of Nick Fury.

Secret Invasion release date: Emilia Clarke in Secret Invasion

Rounding out the cast is Kingsley Ben-Adir, whose previous work includes the movie based on a true story, One Night in Miami, where he played Malcolm X. He will play Gravik, a member of the Skrull race.

How many episodes will Secret Invasion be?

Secret Invasion is confirmed to have six episodes when it lands on Disney Plus. Nothing has been mentioned about how many episodes will form the premiere, but with such a short series we would imagine it would be one episode a week, every week.

That’s all we know about the Secret Invasion release date for now. Get to know the bad guys of the MCU with our list of the best Marvel villains. Or browse our selection of the best alien movies for more creatures from outer space.