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What happened to Ravonna Renslayer at the end of Loki season 2?

The Loki season 2 finale had to wrap up a lot including the fate of the TVA, Victor Timely, and more but what happened to Ravonna Renslayer?

Ravonna Rensleyer's Loki season 2 fate explained

Loki season 2 has sadly ended the God of Michief’s time at the TVA. Still, he wasn’t the only character who seemed to get a definitive ending (or as much of a definitive ending as you can get when you’re a character in a comic book universe).

Yes, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues ever forward, we left the TVA behind and, along with it, some of our favorite Marvel characters. Mobius retired, Hunter B-15 and Casey were left to rebuild the TVA after Loki reforged the multiverse into Yggdrasil, and OB got a new edition of the TVA manual! That just leaves Ravonna Rensleyer, whose ending might have confused less dedicated Marvel fans, but don’t worry; we can explain exactly what happened.

Ravonna Renslayer’s fate explained

Ravonna Renslayer was pruned from the new timeline and transported to the Void, where she was presumably consumed by Alioth.

From how Ravonna Renslayer was dressed, it seems that the TVA traveled back to Chicago in 1868 and pruned her right before she could give the TVA handbook to Victor Timely. They likely did this to stop Victor from experimenting with time and eventually becoming a dangerous variant of Kang the Conqueror.

While Ravonna’s death isn’t confirmed (and this is a show based on a comic book, so resurrections are always possible), it’s important to remember that the first season of Loki made it clear that the Void is nearly impossible to escape without either a TempPad or powerful magic. Ravonna might have had a TemPad on her when she died, but we can’t imagine the TVA making such a silly mistake with such a dangerous person, and we know that she doesn’t have magical abilities.

So sorry, Ravonna fans, she’s probably in Alioth’s smokey belly right now. Still, there’s a chance that the rumbling and lightning Ravonna saw wasn’t Alioth. So who might it have been? Well, we’re still clinging to our theory that Ravonna’s a Kang variant, so perhaps the Council of Kangs, who have a mastery of time comparable to He Who Remains, traveled to the Void to grab her.

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It’s a reach, we know, but Ravonna would have intel on the TVA, who we know are trying to stop the Kangs from taking over the multiverse. She’s also a powerful warrior in her own right and would make a great ally in the coming battle against … well, everyone. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the MCU throws at us next.

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