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The Matrix actor is set to make an MCU return in What If… season 2

What If... season 2 is set to put more of the best MCU characters in unusual situations, and one actor has revealed their role in the animated series.

Marvel series What If... season 2 is set to arrive soon

One of the most intriguing corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the Marvel series What If… which harnesses the multiversal potential of the superhero movie world to tell wildly different stories featuring the best MCU characters, overseen by The Watcher.

The What If… season 2 release date is set to arrive soon, with the animated series due to unveil a whole new array of counterfactual scenarios to follow up season 1’s doozies like Star Lord T’Challa and Captain Carter.

One person set to be involved in the fun is Ant-Man character Bill Foster – as played by The Matrix movies actor Laurence Fishburne in the Ant-Man cast for 2018 MCU movie Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Foster was introduced as a former assistant to Michael Douglas’s character Hank Pym and a surrogate father to Marvel villain Ghost, as well as being the original Giant-Man.

Fishburne told TV host Brandon Pope in an interview to promote his part in action movie John Wick 4 that he would be returning to do some voice work as Bill Foster for What If… season 2 – in his gargantuan form.

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He said: “They’ve got my phone number. If they need me, they know where to find me. Bill Foster shows up in What If… Bill Foster shows up in What If… as Giant-Man, actually. It’s cool.”

Given how little we know about What If… season 2 so far, it’s interesting that we have a bit of an idea about at least one of the stories the TV series will be aiming to tell.

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