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Loki producer tells us why he wants the TVA to be Marvel’s new SHIELD

We spoke to executive producer Kevin Wright to chat about the future of the TVA once Loki season 2 wraps up and his dreams for a multiversal SHIELD in the MCU.

Loki and the TVA as the new SHIELD

It’s a good time to be a fan of Mischief, as after what feels like a very long wait, Loki season 2 has finally started on Disney Plus. The new season sees the titular Asgardian god and his friends, Mobius and the TVA, deal with the multiversal threat posed by the villainous Kang the Conqueror.

We’ve seen the first four episodes, and honestly, it feels like a real return to form for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Check out our Loki season 2 review if you don’t believe us, but basically, it’s one of the best Marvel series and saved us from watching all the Marvel movies in order on a loop in a desperate attempt to forget how bad Secret Invasion was.

Of course, one of the things we like best about this new season is the time police, known as Time Variance Authority, aka the TVA. This organization is dedicated to preserving the Sacred Timeline (as defined by Kang the Conqueror). Still, this season, the organization finds itself at the heart of an existential crisis without Renslayer to lead it, which threatens its very existence.

After all, the TVA is supposed to protect the Sacred Timeline, but with He Who Remains gone and the multiverse being born, how do they know which realities deserve to exist and which should be pruned? It’s a question at the heart of this new series and one that threatens the group’s very existence.

Don’t worry too much, though. We sat down with Loki’s executive producer, Kevin Wright, to talk about Loki season 2, and he promised us that the TVA has a bright future in the MCU in Marvel’s Phase 5 and the upcoming Marvel movies.

“There are certainly plans for them to play a bigger role in our universe. 100 percent, ” he told The Digital Fix. “It was something we knew straight away in season 1. We started realizing the things that we could do with an organization like [the TVA] within the MCU.”

“I always joke I feel like they’re kind of like our multiversal version of SHIELD. That’s the kind of role that they could play in this bigger universe,” he continued. “We’ve only really seen a couple of departments within this place that is vast and infinite. It just feels like something that a lot of filmmakers could pick up and go, ‘I want to pull them in,’ and [the TVA] could pop up anywhere. After all, they can time travel and move along timelines.”

We don’t want to put words in Wright’s mouth, but this does lend some weight to the rumors that the TVA will play a role in Deadpool 3. For months now, there have been whispers on the internet that the Fox movies will be a timeline ‘pruned’ by the TVA and that a few surviving variants, like the Merc With a Mouth himself, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), along with a few of our favorite X-Men characters, will survive the pruning and make their way to the Sacred timeline.

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That said, we should be clear that when we mentioned the Deadpool 3 rumors, Wright didn’t confirm anything. All he said was where he envisioned the TVA going in the future. It’s also worth pointing out there are more than a few contradictory rumors going around that rebuff the idea the TVA will play a role in introducing the X-Men to the MCU.

Specifically, we’ve heard from some sources that Secret Wars will be a soft reboot of the MCU and be used as an excuse to introduce some elements from the Fox Marvel Universe. I’ll be honest, though: while that seems more believable, Marvel has already introduced mutants to the MCU with Ms Marvel, so why would it need to involve collapsing realities and divergent timelines?

The way we see things going is that the TVA will probably be used to bring in fan favorites like Reynolds’ Deadpool, but for the most part, they’ll remain distant from the MCU proper once the multiverse saga wraps up. Who knows, though, maybe we could get a TVA spin-off? It could be like the X-Files, with Loki and Mobius in the Mulder and Scully roles, but with even more sexual tension!

Loki in seaosn 2 with the TVA

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